Hangang Swimming Pool

Han River outdoor swimming pools

Summer can be really hot in Seoul. And when it is not raining it can be a great idea to head to one of the outdoor swimming pools on the Han River.

Han river outdoor pools map

Just check on the map which one is the most convenient for you and please take in mind that they are unfortunately open only from end of June to end of August.

The pools are very well maintained and their size is absolutely in line with the size of the city. So for example in the area of Jamwon you will find three 50 meters long swimming pools. The first one is only 40 centimeters deep and is used for babies and toddlers. The second one is 1m 20 deep and is designed for all public and the third one is reserved for adults and only good swimmers.

One thing which can surprise you is the compulsory break for all the swimmers every 45 minutes. You can’t miss it as you will here the voice announce and then you will see everybody going out of the pool at the same time. It doesn’t look as there is any special cleaning or other technical reason but I’ve been explained that this 10 or 15 minutes break is for safety reason… Be patient than, wait for the whistle and jump in when you are authorized to do it;-)

For more information go to Hangang river outdoor swimming poolsHangang River Swimming pools


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