Pororo Park D-Cube City

If you have young kids or toddlers you definitely shouldn’t miss the newly opened Pororo Park in D-cube city.

Pororo Park SeoulEven if the entrance fee is quite expensive (16000 W for kids) all the attractions are pretty cool and I’m sure your little ones will have lots of fun.

Start your journey with the bouncy boat with transparent surface when the kids can feel like jumping in the water, then splash in the ball pool and try to throw the ball into the giant dolphin’s mouth, continue the ride in the magic train going through the ice cave and finish with the 3D Pororo Movie.

Pororo Park D Cube City

There is also plenty of little corners  when your little ones can play lego, do some craft, slide the giant slide or just rest or take a picture with one of the Pororo characters.

There is also a coffee shop where you can bye some kids snack or have a cup of coffee.

Have fun!

Pororo Park Seoul ballpool

Opening Hours

  • 10:30 – 20:30

Admission Fee

Adults (ages 13 and up) Individual: 6,000 won
Children (ages 12 months – 13 year) – Individual: 16,000 won


  • Sindorim Station – Line 1 or Line 2 – direct access from Exit 1

For more information go to Pororo Park

Here is our other post on the other Pororo Park at Lotte World Jamsil

Pororo Park Seoul D Cube fun train ride

13 thoughts on “Pororo Park D-Cube City

  1. going to check out today. Read some negative reviews about this place and figured it might be good to check out not exspecting much of the place then to have high hopes then become disappointed.^~

  2. Hi from the Middle East! We are going to Seoul for our 1st holiday with our 3 yr old and 2 yrd old – Would love to see Pororo Park 🙂 Thanks to your site!

    Should we go to – D Cube or Lotteworld? Thanks!!

  3. Hi, i’ll be going to Seoul this October. My little girl loves Pororo and am thinking of bringing her here. Only concern is will there be any instructions / signs in English? Or can the staff communicate in english? Kindly advise.

    1. Hello,
      As I remember the signs are written also in English but anyway as Pororo Park is designed as a playground for little kids, it is very easy to understand all the instructions.
      Have fun!

  4. I felt it was small and not worth the money. For the same price you can visit Dibo village. It’s 4 times as big with many more fun activities. If your child is under 2 and you just wanna sit and watch them play with toys or use the 2 or 3 fun activities you might enjoy it, but Dibo village had many more play areas and Lego pits, bean pits, a 4d movie of dinosaurs, and several playground, ball pit, and toy cars areas.

  5. Hello there! This park has unfortunately closed. We went there today and at the information desk they told us, that is has been closed since April 2016. There is a kids cafe though on the 4th floor now though, which we enjoyed as well. Cheers! Maria

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