Discover Sindo – Sido and Modo islands just opposite Incheon International Airport. Amazement guaranteed at Baemikkumi Sculpture Park, which was made popular by Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Time’ movie

Modo Island, Kim Ki-duk movieLast week-end was pretty sunny with this feeling of spring coming in the air. So we decided to explore the three islands (Sindo – Sido – Modo) just in front of the Incheon International Airport. Only after 10 minutes on ferry, you arrive to a very relaxing and peaceful place. The three islands are interconnected by bridges and are fairly small. It’s a great destination for a one-day trip out of town.

Sido island is a very famous place for Koreans because one of the romantic dramas “Full House” was filmed there. The house from the movie was built right on the Sugi Beach just for the needs of filming and today was turned into a museum. It became a sightseeing spot for lovers. The beach is a nice spot for walking in the sand.Baemikkumi Kim Ki-duk movie

The highlight of the trip is definitely Modo Island with Baemikkumi Sculpture Park located on the southern part of the island. Lee Il-Ho, a famous Korean surrealist sculptor, decided to install his artworks in this unique place in harmony with the nature and the ocean. The sculpture park became popular after its appearance in the Korean movie ‘Time,’ by internationally-acclaimed director Kim Ki-duk. The place is really idyllic. The beach is beautiful with nice sand and with all those surrealist sculptures around, it’s a great spot to take some interesting pictures.

Lee Il-Ho sculptor BaemikkumiAnd if you forgot your picnic, the Baemikkumi Caffe right on the beach is the best place to take a break and enjoy some home made Seaweed bibimbap with tea and cheesecake while watching the sculptures and the sea.

How to get there :


The easiest way is to catch a train to Unseo Station (Arex Line) and head across the street to Lotte Mart. From there take bus 201 to Sammok Dock Ferry Terminal, the last stop. Take the Sejong ferry (tel: 032-884-4155; first ferry at 7.10 a.m. and last ferry at 6.10. p.m.; ferry every hour; 10-minute ride). Round-trip fare is 3,600 won per person. Tickets may be purchased at the Sindo Ticket Office. Sindo, Sido, and Modo islands are connected by bridge. Take Bus #1 or 2 after getting off the ferry at Sindo Wharf. There is a bus every hour from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. The bus fare is 1,000 won per ride. Cash only.

Hands Kim Ki-duk movieCar

Follow Incheon International Airport and turn right just before arriving to the airport while following Sindo Island. Take the ferry at Sammock Dock – 20,000 won per car and 3,600 won for every additional person. You have to buy the ticket on your way back at the Sindo Ticket Office.Baemikkumi Kim Ki-duk movieHands Kim Ki-duk movie

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