Dasan Park – meet the Han River in its upstream natural beauty

River park, breathtaking sceneries and yummy fresh eel just 40 minutes out of SeoulHan river - Dasan Park

Are you looking for a quick getaway from Seoul? Do you want your kids to ride a bike or kick the ball in a park while you can just sit down and enjoy beautiful scenery? So the newly build (and not completely finished yet) Dasan Earth Park “다산지구공원” is the right place for you.summer leaves -  Dasan Park

It is located on the Han river right next to the Dasan Heritage Site – the birth place of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong, one of the greatest thinkers of the later Joseon period.Kimchi Jars spotted during a walk nearby Dasan Park

Even though the park is not so large and only one part of it open right now, all the area is really beautiful and you can easily spend one hour or two just wandering around, admiring the beautiful views, walking on wooden bridges, sitting down on the grass or on one of the wooden platform and watching the green mountains around.Dasan Park great walks, superb views

When you are done with the park, you may continue walking in the village and try one of the delicious restaurants on the river. We tried one of those along the river itself – just 200 meters east of the park. Its name is “호반의집”; it has perfect outdoor sitting under the shade, with peaceful views over the river and the opposite hills. And the eels were delicious too!호반의집Eels at 호반의집 - Dasan Park

Finish your visit in Dasan Heritage Site – it’s a very peaceful place with this authentic old village atmosphere.Restaurants near Dasan ParkBike Cafe - Dasan Park

It’s amazing how this place while so close from Seoul can make you forget completely about the proximity of the city. It’s just the perfect one-day trip if you desperately wanted some break from the city life.Calligraphy near Dasan Park

How to get there:

Exit #1, Jungang Line (Ungilsan Station) and take the Bus # 56 to Dasan Heritage Site  (Get off at Silhak Museum)Dasan Heritage Site
View Dasan Earth Park map.

4 thoughts on “Dasan Park – meet the Han River in its upstream natural beauty

  1. I love your first picture in this post Irena, you have the water and the Rockies there, so serene. I’m not a big fan of eel but I will try the coffee from Bike cafe 🙂

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