Sandulsori (Sandeulsori) flowersYesterday we decided to return to the Sandulsori Botanical Garden and see it in the summertime. Sandulsori (Sandeulsori) red and yellow flowers
It was beautiful and so quiet. We’ve been just surprised that they increased the admission fee to 8,000 won for adults and kids (older than 24 months). It makes the stay there quite expensive if you are going with family and that’s certainly the reason why the garden is very quiet even during the weekends.Sandulsori (Sandeulsori) hot summer day

We took the walk in the forest all around the garden, stopped by the great wooden terrace and tried the bikes, had wild mushrooms lunch in the delicious korean restaurant and took a short nap in the hammocks. It was a great summer Sunday!Sandulsori (Sandeulsori) oasis of serenitySandulsori (Sandeulsori) daytime

For more information check my last post about Sandulsori Botanical GardenSandulsori (Sandeulsori) afternoon napSandulsori (Sandeulsori) nature trail Sandulsori (Sandeulsori) thematic gardens

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