Seoul Outdoor Swimming Pool

Seoul Outdoor Swimming Pools 2012, let’s go!

Seoul’s Fantastic Hangang Outdoor Swimming Pools now open from June 29 to August 26, 2012

Wow… there’s a great news for kids and the entire family. Time for fun, lazy afternoons by the pool, splashing for children or just swimming. Everyone in the family can enjoy this great time of the year when it is getting so hot outside.

Along the Han River, you can find no less than 7! gorgeous outdoor swimming pools. From West to East: Nanji Riverside Swimming Area (out of the map below, West side at the level of World Cup Park) and six others nested within sections of the Hangang parks in Mangwon, Yeouido,  Jamwon, Ttukseom, Jamsil and Gwangnaru.

Seoul outdoor pools map

All of them are perfectly maintained, with daily quality tests on water and conditions of the facilities, including shower, restrooms, air bounce castles and light snack facilities. Each one provide 3 different pools to cater for different aspirational needs: one is reserved for adults, one for teenagers or older children, and the last one is specifically for small kids with low depth of water.

Overall the pools are very nice, with great views over the Han River or – when the sky is clear – picturesque background scenery from the Bukhansan and Namsan mountains behind Seoul’s riverside front.

Hangang Swimming Pool Hannam

Hangang Swimming Pool Hannam Seoul

Worth mentioning that Nanji Riverside Swimming Area – just at the level of the World Cup Park – can be visited by people in ordinary clothing: the wearing of bathing suits is not mandatory here. The park is also very popular among children due to its 113 floor fountains, which spew water as high as 10 meters into the air, and a musical fountain equipped with LED lighting.

Seoul Swimming Pool outdoor bouncing castle

Open seasons & Hours

The six riverside swimming pools and Nanji Riverside Swimming Area will be open from 09:00 to 20:00 daily until Sunday, August 26, 2012, including weekends and national holidays.


Adults 5,000 won

Younth (13~18 years) 4,000 won

Children (6~12 years) 3,000 won

See more information: Seoul Government

See also Kidsfuninseoul’s post from last year, for additional impressions…Hope you will enjoy ^^


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