Lotte World again ^^

A set of new pictures from Seoul’s main Amusement Park located in Gangnam-Jamsil and some hints to make the most out of your day thereLotte World SeoulLotte World Seoul

Recently we returned to Lotte World and we would love to share brand new pictures we took there on an early sunny day during the Chuseok holiday. Enjoy!Lotte World Seoul

And here are 5 new tips for you and your little ones on how to enjoy even more this amazing park full of attractions and crazy rides for all ages:

1. Try to arrive early (the best is to be there just before the opening, i.e. 9:30 AM). Lotte World Adventure gets crowded from lunch time onwards and queuing for the main attractions might become annoyingLotte World Seoul

2. Ask for a discount 🙂 Bring all your credit cards and show them to the cashier. They will definitely apply some discountLotte World Seoul

3. Start with the Aeronauts Balloon Ride. If you arrive early morning you probably wouldn’t have to queue. And the views from the ballon are just stunning!Lotte World Seoul

4. Check the height and age limits for every ride on the guide map before queuing. (You can even download it on the Lotte World website)Lotte World SeoulLotte World Seoul

5. Need a lunch break? If you want something else than just average fast food and you need to relax a little bit, head to the Korean traditional Restaurant in the Folk Museum (3rd floor). You will enjoy this quiet and beautiful place far from the hustle and bustle of the amusement park. The food is delicious too! (Just don’t forget to stamp your ticket at the gate to the Folk Museum if you want to come back to the park after lunch)Scary Gyro Drop - Lotte World Seoul

For more information about Lotte World check our page.Lotte World Seoul

And a couple of bonus to get a feeling of the most impressive attractions (adults only)!

Have fun!Lotte World SeoulLotte World Seoul - main hall


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