Cosmos flowers Olympic Park

Autumn in Seoul

The colors of autumn are amazing right now in Seoul and as the day temperatures are still very warm, it is the best time to go to the city parks to take advantage of the beautiful foliage

Cosmos flowers

This week-end, we went back to the Olympic Park. And it was so beautiful! If you want to take pictures in the middle of cosmos flowers field and enjoy the views of the mountains covered with red and yellow maple leaves, hurry up^^.

We rented the family 4 wheel bicycle for even more fun and had lunch in China Factory restaurant, which I’ll strongly recommend if you are looking for a change from Korean food. The kids loved unlimited Dim Sum refills, especially those with funny characters faces and free ice cream for dessert. The restaurant is located on the Meeting Square (close to the Olympic tennis court) – Eastgate #1)

For more information about the park go to our post Olympic Park



And here is our top 5 list of places to see fall colors in Seoul:

Enjoy Autumn in Seoul!


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