Andong Hahoe Village – journey to the traditional Korea

Beautiful traditional houses, breathtaking scenery and folk art and traditions – experience Korea of Joseon Dynasty

Hahoe Village or Hahoe Maeul (하회마을) is a historic clan village near the city of Andong in North Gyeongsang Province.  Nakdong River is flowing calmly around the village drawing a beautiful shape that’s why Hahoe Maeul is also described as a lotus floating on the water.

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010, Hahoe Folk Village was founded in the 14th-15th century and subsequently expanded to its present size and composition in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The layout and the siting of the village (surrounded by forested mountains and facing out onto rivers and open agricultural fields), reflect the distinctive aristocratic Confucian culture of the early part of the Joseon Dynasty.

The village location had to provide both physical and spiritual nourishment from surrounding landscapes. Just take a walk in the narrow streets and enjoy the beauty of residences of the head families, pavilions, study halls, Confucian academies for learning,  as well as thatched-roofed houses, formerly for commoners. It is easier to understand now why those landscapes of mountains, trees and water surrounding the village inspired so many poets…

Don’t forget to stop by the divine tree in the village spirit shrine called Samsindang. Residents of the town believe the 600-year-old zelkova tree aids fertility.

And to enjoy all this serenity and beauty from different view, we strongly recommend to climb to the Buyongdae Cliff located against one of the Nakdong river’s bends.

Another peaceful and relaxing experience is the visit of Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy, located just 4 kilometers from the village.

Where to stay: BukchondaekBeonnam HouseGohyang-ui-poom

How to get there: From Andong Bus Terminal, take bus 46 to Hahoe Village (하회마을).
* Bus 46 Info: 06:20-18:20, runs 10 times a day

For more information go to Hahoe Folk Village


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