Namsan Tower and Teddy Bear Museum [edited: closed since nov. 2013]

Important notice: Seoul Teddy Bear Museum has been closed since nov. 2013. It has been replaced by the Alive Museum

Green oasis in the middle of Seoul with unlimited number of circuit paths and trails. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the N Seoul Tower and have fun in Seoul Teddy Bear MuseumNamsan TowerNamsan Park

Namsan Park, Nature in the Heart of Seoul

Namsan which means “Southern Mountain” is the original natural southern boundary of the Joseon-era Seoul city. Over several centuries of history, the city greatly expanded, crossed the Han River and nowadays even encompasses the newest district of Gangnam. As a result, this Southern Mountain now pretty much stands for the geographical center of the larger modern Seoul city.Namsan ParkNamsan Park

Namsan and the surrounding forestry area are known as Namsan Park, one of the most popular parks in Seoul. And for good reasons: fantastic nature trails in the middle of the city, great views both towards N Tower and the surrounding Seoul skyline, free-use workout spots, historical landmarks and more 😉Namsan ParkNamsan Park

Our favorite walking path starts from the National Theater opposite Banyan Tree Hotel. From the parking lot, start walking up the hill and just turn right after the control gate towards a small pond; then continue upstream until you will reach stairs climbing to N Tower (follow the signs). After visiting the Tower, you may return through the same trail backwards or head towards Hyatt Hotel and then Itaewon. This is actually our recommendation: on your way to Itaewon, you will reach wooden platforms with amazing views at N Tower and the city. Don’t miss the photo opportunities! At the foot of the hill, close to Grand Hyatt Hotel, you may end your hike with the easy tour of a nice botanical garden.Namsan ParkNamsan Park

Namsan Park can be explored in all seasons from various starting points (we also like to take the cable car or go up with a Namsan bus). Trails options are almost infinite through wild shortcuts or using a nicely prepared walking lane. Don’t look specifically for kids playgrounds: Namsan Park doesn’t offer any – however your children will surely like to play freely in the nature and invent their own pirate stories running in the forest!Namsan ParkNamsan Park

N Tower, take-off for breathtaking views

N Tower culminates at 236.7m and it provides a great entertainment for the entire family. Be sure to head there preferably on a clear sunny day to enjoy the best views. The fun starts right in the waiting line where the family can be photographed for a souvenir shot on a Namsan background. The elevator provides also adrenaline-filled excitement!Namsan TowerNamsan Tower

Atop the Tower, a 360-degree observatory lets you marvel at the sprawling size of the city, its impressive skyscrapers and the surrounding mountainous landscape.Namsan TowerNamsan Tower

Western-style, Korean and Chinese restaurants as well as coffee shops and fast-food options are available.

Teddy Bear Museum, learn about Korea with fun

This Kids and family-friendly exhibition is divided in 2 sections. In the first one, scenes of Korea’s history and daily life are presented using Teddy Bears in movements and wearing traditional costumes. The second part introduces famous districts or scenes from modern Korean life. Our kids truly loved this and it provided a right balance with the rest of the hiking day.Teddy Bear MuseumTeddy Bear Museum

For more information, go to the following websites:

Namsan Park, N Tower (Korean only), Teddy Bear Museum

Enjoy the hike!Namsan Park

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