Rolling Ball Museum & Fun Museum

[Update: We just heard from our readers that both Museums were temporarily closed; It seems they may be trying to find a new location; We’ll keep you posted…]

Interactive, instructive and fun attraction making it a perfect destination for families with kids of all ages

Rolling ball museum is located on the second floor of Kyunghyang Art Hill,  just opposite the  Fun Museum. You can buy combined tickets to visit both attractions at the same time.

Whereas the exhibition is rather small, the Rolling Ball Museum is a magic place where hundreds of balls are bouncing, spinning and rolling around twisted metal constructs with turns and loops. You can spend long minutes to observe all those balls rolling and jumping around in endless cycles. Part of the exhibit is almost entirely hands-on.

How fascinating for kids to touch, roll, watch and play all by themselves.


If you want to have a look at the Fun Museum, you should rather buy the combined ticket. The Fun or Funique Museum is an interesting display of many original, surprising, funny and for most of them unusable objects and inventions. You can touch and play with everything displayed and it makes it really attractive for kids. You will find there fun glasses, hats and gloves, dancing lamps and holograms as well as some original musical instruments and puzzles and metal brain teasers.

Both museums are very fun, interactive and educative. Prefect place to visit in winter or during rainy days.

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays        2pm -7pm (closed on Monday)
  • Week-ends    10am – 7pm

Admission Fee:

  • Rolling ball museum – 8,000 KRW (Children under 36 months free)
  • Fun Museum – 8,000 KRW (Children under 36 months free)
  • Combined ticket (Rolling ball + Fun Museum) – 9,000 KRW (Children under 36 months free)

Location – Kyunghyang Art Hill, 2F

How to get there:

Seodaemun Station (Line 5), Exit 5. Go straight 300m and turn right at the Jeongdong 4-way Intersection. Kyunghyang Art Hill is located 20m ahead on the left.

For directions go to Seoul Map for Kids and Families

For more information go to Rolling ball or Fun museum website.


8 thoughts on “Rolling Ball Museum & Fun Museum

  1. Hi. We are planning a trip to Seoul in early Feb. I came upon your blog and found it very informative! A lot of the activities/places you mention seemed more geared toward smaller children. I am bringing my 6 (soon to be 7) year old son and am worried he might find some of the places you list as “for babies”. Are there any places you can recommend as being more appropriate for 6-7 year old boys that we can do in middle of winter? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi! I am planning a trip to Seoul in end May, was wondering if this museum is part of the Funique House? I tried researching for the exact location (google doesn’t seem to recognise the address Kyunghyang Art Hill, 2F. The websites are all in korea.. and the only other place that indicated its address in full is Address
    Gyeonggi-do Annyang-si Dongan-gu Bisan-dong 1059-1
    경기 안양시 동안구 비산동 1059-1 키즈맘센터
    which seems like a different address from the Art Hill. Really appreciate your help on this!

    1. Hello

      I found this address: Kyunghyang Daily News Bldg. (Kyunghyang Art Hill Theater 6) 22 Jeo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

      Subway: Line 5 Seodaemun Stn. Exit 5
      Line 1 City Hall Stn. Exit 1

      I hope this may help.

  3. Hi is the museum still open? I visited their website which is in Korean and the translation was that museum was ‘terminated’ in October.


    1. Hi Ansellia,
      Thanks for letting us know! You must be right sadly judging from the website information. We’ll stop by soon to check by ourselves and post an update depending on what we find. We hope this fun museum did not close for good and that it is only a temporary renovation. Stay tuned and thanks again. Best, Kidsfuninseoul

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