Namhansanseong park in winter

This peaceful traditional village settled in the middle of the mountains is one of the most picturesque areas around Seoul. It’s a perfect place to start your family walks and hikes. And it’s also famous for a number of delicious korean traditional restaurants.

We always love to come back to Namhansanseong. This unique mountain village and all the fortification are so well preserved and the views from the top are just breathtaking. It is also very conveniently located – just a short drive from the city of Seoul and there are so many options of walks and short hikes that you can come again and again and every time discover something new.

The last time we visited, the entire village was just covered with fresh snow. What a magic and pristine place! We visited the newly restored Emergency Temporary Palace and loved it… This Palace and the Fortification are now applying to be enlisted in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

And of course we spent the rest of the afternoon in one of the delicious traditional restaurants before having a rewarding walk near the North Gate of the fortification wall.

For more information about Namhansanseong Park please check our previous post Namhansanseong Park Family Hiking 

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