Odusan Unification Observatory

Located on Odu Mountain, strategically overlooking the confluence of both Imjin and Han Rivers, Odusan Unification Observatory is a perfect spot to witness the division of the Korean peninsula in person. It is also a kids-safe & educational alternative to other DMZ tours.

Odusan Unification Observatory

We passed by the mountain topped by its modern round-shaped building many times on our way to Paju and as we finally decided to stop for a visit, we haven’t been disappointed.Odusan Unification Observatory

The observatory was established to remind especially the young generation of the tragic reality of the Korean Peninsula division. It also promotes the wish for peaceful reunification.

Visiting the exhibition halls showing North Korean products and explaining what is suggested to be the real life of North Koreans is quite a weird experience (especially if you are visiting with young children asking many questions ;-)) But when you are watching directly North Korea from the top floor observation room, you just realize how strange and surrealistic it is that this country remains so closed, unknown and unpredictable and at the same time it’s just 2 km away across the river…Odusan Unification Observatory Odusan Unification ObservatoryThe Odusan Unification Observatory is definitely worth visiting to remind us the cruel and tragic impact of history on today’s reality of Korean Peninsula. We thought it was actually more impressive than most DMZ sites as you get really close to North Korea. The views over the confluence, the surrounding nature and towards North Korea are actually quite nice – so we highly recommend to go on a clear blue sky day.

The facilities are very well maintained, including a short history museum, the observatory floors, small exhibition of North Korean products, etc.

Opening Hours:

Jan ~ Feb                   Mar                  Apr~Sep                 Oct                   Nov~Dec
09:00 ~ 16:30      9:00 ~ 17:00        9:00 ~ 17:30       9:00 ~ 17:00          9:00 ~ 16:30


Adults ~ 3,000 KRW, Students ~ 1,600 KRW, Children ~ 1,000 KRWOdusan Unification Observatory

How to get there:

  • City Bus : Daewha Subway Station (Line No. 3) – Exit 5 ~ Take bus no. 200 and get off at the entrance of Odusan Unification Observatory.
  • Train: From Seoul Station, take Gyeongui Line and get off at Geumchon Station,then local bus No. 2 or 3.
  • Car: For directions check Seoul Map for Kids and Families. Park your car at the Unification Park Public Parking and take the free Shuttle bus to the Observatory.

For more information go to Odusan Unification Observatory

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