Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 – Garden of the Earth

The International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013 is an impressive eco-friendly exhibition showcasing the most beautiful man-made gardens from all over the World, lakes, hills & thousands of flowers and trees. The Expo runs from 2013-04-20 to 2013-10-20 near the protected wetland of Suncheon Bay Ecological Park


Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 - Central Lake & Hills

Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 - mascott

One of the largest events taking place in South Korea this year, the International Suncheon Bay Garden Expo is indeed a very spectacular realization. The site covers more than 150 ha of artificially created landscapes in close vicinity toSuncheon downtown, while still retaining a very natural feel. The Expo park sits on both banks from the Suncheon Dong Stream that flows 6 km away into the reed-covered Bay area. The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) shall provide a quick connection to the Suncheon Bay Ecological Park – however it was not in service when we visited.

Overall we have been absolutely amazed by the site, the beauty of all those flower arrangements, the variety of the greenhouses and gardens – more than 20 of them from supporting countries, cities and sponsors. Not to mention a few kids-friendly attractions such as a Kids-garden (featuring Pororo ^^), a summer-must splashy fountain or a tiny animal zoo.

We particularly liked and took most pictures at the following interests points:

  • Central Lake with its wooden path and the designed hills

  • Dutch Garden

  • Korean Garden and its Azalea hills

  • Dream Bridge

  • Urban Forest

  • German-design “Get the Kneipp Feeling”

We visited early May – about a fortnight after the Expo was opened – and a limited number of gardens did not seem to be fully finished yet. Food and beverages can be found in a few spots – however we found the restaurants selection quite limited. If you can, it might be a good idea to take some picnic or snacks with you.

All in all, visiting the Expo is highly recommended and fills up easily an entire day! Be prepared to walk a lot and rather bring water if you visit on a hot summer day. The flowers and landscapes will continuously change and may provide sufficient reason to revisit before it will close late Autumn.

For more information including opening hours, transportation & accommodations :

Here is Arirang TV coverage right after the opening

If you wish to spend more days in this beautiful region, you may want to connect with Boseong Green Tea Plantation visit as well.

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