Gwangdong Wetlands & Gwangju Tomato Festival June 21-23

One of the least known but among the most picturesque nature parks nearby Seoul – Gwangdong Wetlands is at its best from June to August while lotus flowers are in full bloom. Don’t miss the local Gwangju Tomato Festival to experience at least once in your life the real taste of tomatoes (or just to splash in a tomato pool for fun!)


The park was developed recently on a natural wetland area along the Han River’s southern bank. It features a S-shape winding walking path, crossing several small ponds, little streams and large areas covered with flowers. The main attractions at this time of the year are the blooming lotuses as well as thousands colorful field flowers. At close distance (better to have binoculars or good tele zooms) you can often spot large river birds such as egrets, ducks and cranes.

Gwandong Wetlands are rather left to their natural feel which is part of the charm. If you go on a sunny day, beware of snakes – they may rest on warm stones.

Along the main access way – Road 88, you will find dozens of local stands displaying their latest tomato harvest. This is indeed the region’s specialty. We purchased a 5-kg box of amazingly juicy & yummy tomatoes for only 17,000 KRW.

The Gwangju Tomato Festival will be celebrated at the same location of Gwandong Wetlands and seems to be great fun. See you there from June 21 to 23rd, 2013 ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to get there

1) Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1.

  • Take Bus 13-2, and get off at Toechon Nonghyeop. (Travel time: 1hr 40 min)
  • Transfer to Bus 38-4, and get off at Jeongji 2-ri.
  • Walk along the alleyway to arrive at the event hall.

2) Take an express bus to (Gyeonggi-do) Gwangju Intercity Bus Terminal.

  • Cross the street, and go towards to the city bus stop.
  • Take Bus 35-21, 35-24, 35-8 or 38-4, and get off at Jeongji 2-ri.

Directions: See Seoul Map for Kids & Families

Access to parking lot is a bit tricky and not well indicated. Coming from West, cross the main bridge Gwangdong, then keep on left on first intersection, turn left on second intersection. Turn left again immediately just before a small bridge. The parking will be straight on.

Gwangju Toechon Tomato Festival

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