New Kids Cafe with trampolines – Kids Bounce

Another great tip for rainy days in Seoul! New Kids Cafe with trampolines just opened in Oksu-dong (June 2013).

Kids Bounce Oksu Dong Seoul

We tested the newly opened Kids Bounce and loved it. Designed for kids from 1 to 8 years old, the cafe has 2 jumping rooms with giant trampolines, a Magformers corner and a small area for art & craft.

Admission is 5,000 won per child for the first hour (4,000 won per every additional hour) and 4,000 won per adult (including coffee or tea). Kids under 16 months are free.

Kids Bounce is located on the 3rd floor of the newly opened commercial complex of Raemian Oksu Appartments.

Opening hours:

Tuesday ~ Friday: 12:00~9:00pm
Saturday ~ Sunday (and holidays): 10:00~9:00pm
*Closed on Mondays

How to get there:

  • Oksu station (Line 3) – take green bus n. 9
  • Bus 110B, 241A, 241B, 2411

Tel: 02-2282-0852
Address: 키즈바운스, 서울특별시 성동구 옥수동 500 래미안 옥수리버젠 지하3층

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids & Families

13 thoughts on “New Kids Cafe with trampolines – Kids Bounce

  1. We went last night; we loved it! But it was quite an adventure to find, especially since we don’t speak Korean. So, here’s a little more info:
    * When you get to Oksu Station, exit out of Exit #7. Then turn left to walk up Hallimmal 1-Gil, then take a right onto Hallimmal 3-gil all the way up the hill till you get to Dokseodang-ro. The building is across the road.
    * Kids Bounce is on level 3, suite 314-315 (I think); it is at the very end of the windy floor.
    Hope this helps.

      1. It is about 20~30 minutes with young kids and a rather steep walk. Alternatively you may hop on a #9 Green local bus right at Oksu Station and get off at the first stop after the bus has climbed the hill (about 3 stops, in front of a Home Plus Mart)… from there it will be only 5~10 minutes.

  2. I just wanted to let other Mums know….there is PARKING on the same side as the Kids Bounce building… but it is undercover parking underneath a church..which is next to the police station, heading toward Hannam village/UnVillage. So if travelling from Unvillage/Itaewon area, you will need to (i think ), go past the police station (on your left) and past paris baguette(on your right)… do a U turn at the lights further on. Then when you are on the same side heading back toward Hannam, go past the police station, then at NEXT RIGHT, turn right and go DIRECTLY underneath into the undercover parking. It is located underneath a church. Park anywhere then walk out onto the street. Walk up to the entrance of the building that houses Bounce. Go to level 3. Turn right and walk to end of building.

    It is very Small in here…and can be too dangerous as there are only two small trampolines and with more than say 6 kids on each, it gets dangerous. They have art and craft options to give the children a break.
    Lovely staff and one english speaking girl who is terrific! Cafe is small (seating max 28 people but food is pretty good and well presented. A lot of love in the managing of the place so far.

    Have fun!!

  3. Hi Stace,
    Actually the church parking is for the church only, not for the stores/services in the Remian building. (I made that mistake once – but as I can speak Korean, I got things cleared up with the security guard.) The Remian parking is a little bit up the hill from the church parking. So when you turn right from the big street, you see the church and it’s parking on the right, but go up just a few meters more, and turn right to the Remian shopping center parking. It’s big and you can park anywhere but not to the residents’ side. Ask for a parking ticket from Kids Bounce. Then, when you exit, just drop the parking tickets to a little box when you drive out – the security guards don’t seem so interested in that. If you go to supermarket or something though, you can ask them for extra parking ticket.

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