Ara Blue Walk & Ara Waterfall (아라마루, 아라폭포)

Along Gyeong-in ‘Ara’ Waterway connecting Gimpo to Incheon, these spectacular suspended circular bridge and Korea’s largest man-made waterfall are fun to explore on a half-day out from Seoul Center

Ara Blue Walk, Ara Waterfall Gyeongin Waterway

Ara Waterway was opened in 2012 after years of controversy over its cost and ecological impact, not to mention the unprecedented Korea’s largest construction works scale of such a project. With a length of 18km, 80m wide and 6m deep, this canal connects for the first time the Han River to the Yellow Sea. It serves multiple purposes and its importance will likely grow in the next decade: new logistics route for merchandise – including towards China or Japan, maritime transportation, leisure and tourism. More on the project development here.

We just discovered this area by curiosity: we had spotted occasionally this coming-out-of-nowhere big waterfall on our way to Incheon Airport along Highway 130. We finally decided to go and have a closer look!

Breath-taking Ara Blue Walk

Both attractions are located next to each other. Ara Blue Walk is a striking architectural object which was great fun for our kids but could easily take your breath away if you are prone to vertigo. It is a circular-shape bridge half suspended over the air and looking over the waterway. Glass floor adds to the impression that you are sky walking! Our little ones kept running around and chasing each other over the wide-open canal.

Ara Waterfall, Korea’s largest

From Ara Blue Walk, an easy path runs along the waterway side and will take you to the waterfall. Though totally man-made, Ara Waterfall impressed us by its near-perfect natural feel. Concrete-made rocks looks quite real, artificial trees wouldn’t be out of place in a mountain forest. 150m wide and 50m high, this is the largest waterfall in Korea. To spice up things, you can walk behind the water curtain in a couple of places. Better to go on a hot summer day, as you can easily get a bit wet if getting too close.

More pictures on

Bonus videos!

As Ara Waterway continues its development, we already plan to return and check the other activities: biking, walking, marina… We’ll keep you posted…

Admission: Free

Opening hours: 24/7, all year round

Attention: we could not confirm the exact water-running hours for Ara Waterfall and we have spotted in several occasions that the attraction was ‘dry’. It may be a seasonal factor (likely closed in water when temperatures get below freezing point) or just specific day-time operating hours restrictions. We’ll be happy to hear from you if you have detailed information.

How to get there: Approximately 25 minutes by local buses from Gayang Station (계양역) – blue line: 1/ walk to the bus station, just opposite the train station and nearby the parking lot, 2/ take Green Bus #81 for 2 stations until Janggi-dong (장기동) stop, 3/ take Green Bus #2 for 5 stops until Gayang-gongwon-ibgu (계양농원입구).

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids & Families

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