Namhansanseong again and again

Beautiful green mountains, traditional village, breathtaking views, dozens of delicious traditional korean restaurants and many hiking options  – Namhansanseong has it all 🙂


There are places where you can return many times. And every time you are back, you find the place even more beautiful. Namhansanseong is for us one of those places.

This time we came during the last hot summer week-end. We walked just half of the hike going from the Northern Gate to the Eastern Gate but we loved it. Even if some parts are rather impressive with steep stairs – beware of vertigo – we’ve been rewarded with amazing views at Seoul City and all the surrounding mountains.

After the mountain walk we enjoyed Samgyetang in one of the restaurants in the village and we finished with a nice stroll around the beautifully renovated Palace near the Rotary.


Just a perfect day in the nature only 30 minutes out of Seoul! We are sure you’ll love it as much as we do. For more information go to Hiking in Namhansanseong Park

Hint: a special app is now available for download with hiking map of the various trails. Check out this link for iPhone (Korean only)



One thought on “Namhansanseong again and again

  1. Thanks for posting this! I love finding new hikes to do around the Seoul area. This place looks really beautiful. My husband and I will definitely check it out soon!

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