Cheongpyeong Temple (청평사) by boat across the Soyang Dam Reservoir (소양강댐)

Arguably one of the most impressive day trip from Seoul, Cheongpyeong Temple and the Soyang Dam area combine beautiful vistas, boat trip, gentle hiking, magnificent mountain panorama, waterfall and the delicious Chuncheon spicy speciality: Dakgalbi.


Known as Korea’s Lake Country, Chuncheon region is a wonderful getaway from busy Seoul. Whithin 2 hours drive (or also reachable by public transportation), you will first reach the Soyang dam parking area about 15 km away from Chuncheon center. From there, walk uphill for a few hundred meters, until reaching the Dam itself. Be warned: this is the largest rock-filled dam in the whole Asia ! Absolutely impressive and worth the many pictures you will want to take from above!

After the dam, head towards the Ferry pier and hop on a boat for Cheongpyeong Temple (청평사). The short ride itself is both fun and beautiful. The trip will take you to one of the Soyang Reservoir branches, which reminded us of a Scandinavian fjord.

Once you arrive on the other side of the reservoir, walk across the restaurants-filled alley and continue uphill towards the temple. The walk is medium level with scenic views such as the beautiful Guseong Waterfall, the Yeongji pond and other mountainous panoramas.

Cheongpyeong Temple itself was first built in 973 AD; it has been damaged several times over the centuries but luckily magnificently restored in recent years. We enjoyed a lot the whole experience: the harmonious layout of the temple buildings, the streams and fountains, the autumn-colored forests and the rocky cliffs of the mountain!

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Admission Fee:

Ferry (Soyang Dam → Cheongpyeongsa Temple dock)
Round-trip: Adults: 6,000 won / Children: 4,000 won

Temple: Adults: 2,000 won / Youths: 1,200 won / Children: 800 won

How to get there:

Across from Chuncheon Station, take Bus 11 or 12 to Soyang Dam (소양강댐).
From Soyang Dam Dock, take a ferry to Cheongpyeongsa Temple (청평사).
Cheongpyeongsa Temple (청평사) is a 30~60min walk from the dock.

For localization, go to Seoul Map for Kids & Families.

3 thoughts on “Cheongpyeong Temple (청평사) by boat across the Soyang Dam Reservoir (소양강댐)

    1. Hi Derek
      We had all a wonderful time seeing the dam, taking the boat and hiking to see the waterfall and the temple. Our kids are 4 and 5 years old and they really enjoyed this day trip (though a bit less the 2-hour drive each way).
      Have fun!

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