Norang Kids Cafe & Craft

[Our big thanks to Norang Kids Cafe for letting us take pictures and sponsoring this review!]

Cozy, beautiful and inspirational cafe with plenty of creative, cute and original activities for kids


We just visited Norang Cafe in Seocho and loved it! It is one of those places where you can just sit down with a delicious cafe latte or lemon tea and watch your kids having fun doing beautiful art and craft activities. 

A real plus is that they offer new activities every week. So you may get the membership card for 6 or 9 entries (80,000 and 120,000 won respectively) knowing that your child will proudly pop up every week with a new fancy and original craft in his/her hands 😉   Occasionally, Norang Cafe runs some special seasonal events like Halloween or Christmas parties with thematic craft making.

If you are not particularly interested in the craft of the week you can just choose from  many objects or ideas to be made, cut out, decorated, embellished, sewed together, sticked or tacked… All those items are displayed on the shelves in the workshop and prices vary from 10,000 to 25,000 won.

The staff is very professional, kind, helpful and attentive. They will let your child express freely their creativity while providing just the right help or advice when needed.

While kids are completely immersed in their creative world, you can rest in the cozy atmosphere of this lovely coffee shop perfectly designed for kids but also for parents.

If you come with little siblings or your child is not into art and craft, Norang Cafe has a Lego corner for all the little builders or a huge black board for free writing and drawing.

On Norang Cafe’s menu you’ll find a variety of pasta, pizza, salad and sandwiches.  Some of Norang’s specialties are Udon Noodle Salad, BELT Sandwich, Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta, Chicken Wings (Kids), Popcorn, Homemade Apple Pie, Apple Cinnamon Tea, and Lemon Tea, just to list a few.

Norang Cafe also provides  packages for Birthday Parties for groups of 5 ~ 12 kids including 2 craft projects and some simple snack and drink. You can pick up the theme for your party directly on their website.

As the weather is getting chilly Norang Cafe may be one of the perfect destinations to keep your kids entertained and happy. But don’t forget to book in advance as the week-ends activities are particularly demanded.

Norang Cafe is getting ready for Christmas with a very special Czech-style Christmas Party on December 14~15th in Seocho location. We’ll be there too and hope to see you!

Opening Hours:

Tuesday ~ Sunday: 10:30am ~ 7:30pm
Closed on Monday

How to get there:

Norang Cafe
Seocho-gu Seocho-dong 1698-6 B1
Tel: 02-537-9607
* Please note that Norang Cafe relocated from Dogok to Seocho location.

Subway: Seoul National University of Education (Line 2 or 3) – Exit n. 4. Take first left and walk 2 blocks until you’ll see Norang Cafe on your left.

For localization, go to Seoul Map for Kids and families. If you come from Express bus terminal take the big avenue going to the Seoul National University. Turn left after Acrovista and then take the second narrow street on your right. You’ll see Norang Cafe on your right hand. You can find some parking spaces in front or by the side of the Cafe or there is a small parking about 20 meters farther on your right. Norang Cafe offers stamps for 2 hours of free parking.

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