Kidsfuninseoul weekend roundup – Jan. 04th, 2014

Happy & Fun New Year 2014 in Seoul with your little loved ones! Time to share our weekly update and to check what are the best activities during the Winter break!

Even with all the hectic schedule around Christmas and New Year, we found the time to explore and revisit several great locations around Seoul. We had fun with our kids walking in several parks, enjoying the playgrounds, checking out the Sledding areas or just testing Santa’s brand new gifts on biking & rollers’ lanes. We should cover some of those areas in our next posts – stay tuned!

KIdsfuninseoul 60 Tips from 2013

Until then and to celebrate the New Year, we posted a grand retrospective of our blogging activity in 2013. Check out more than 60 tips for even more fun this year too.

Tidbits & Reminders from recent news:

Have a great week!

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