Jeju Island Highlights, Kidsfuninseoul recommends…

Jeju Island is arguably the jewel crown of South Korea. A beautiful volcanic island, just 1-hour flight away from Seoul, Jeju offers a unique variety of landscapes, pristine beaches, numerous local attractions as well as a specific blend of culture. A Mediterranean feel right in Korea!

Jeju Island Hallabong oranges
Jeju’s delicious Hallabong oranges

Jeju Province is one of the nine provinces of South Korea, located in the Korean Strait – south of the peninsula. Jeju is a volcanic island, dominated by  the South Korean highest mountain Halla-san (1,950 metres high). The island measures approximately 70 kilometres from East to West, and 40 kilometres from North to South.

Given its size and the variety of attractions, the island is best enjoyed for a long weekend and we recommend renting a car. This is a fantastic and easy-to-book getaway option for a few days of break. Just beware that during the main Korean holidays and summer season, air tickets and accommodations are quickly sold out or more expensive.

Among places we visited and loved, we would particularly recommend:

  • Eoseungsaengak trail: an easy hike on Halla-san’s sister mountain, smaller yet already culminating at 1,169 meters high
  • Hallim Botanical Park and its neighbouring white-sand beaches
  • Jeju Aquaplanet
  • Waterfalls & Hiking along the Jeju Olle trail, the amazing round-the-island hiking path
  • Enjoying Jungmun’s resorts area and its golden-sand beach
  • Marvelling at Seongsan Ilchulbong, the “Sunrise peak”, a mysterious volcanic formation surrounded by the sea.

Of course, there is so much more to love in Jeju than the above list: yummy seafood harvested by the Jeju’s grandma-divers “haenyeo”; delicious Black Pig BBQ (“heuk-doe-ji”); the sweetest Hallabong oranges; beautiful beaches; meadows and volcanoes panorama; etc.

Jeju Island 금능으뜸원해변 (Keumneung- eutteumwon Beach)
Keumneung-eutteumwon Beach (금능으뜸원해변)

In fact, you will certainly need to visit several times to discover more. We hope that this short highlights list will provide a proper guidance for first time visitors. To be continued and expanded after our next trips to beautiful Jeju Island.

Jeju's Grandma Divers #4 [Explored #73 and Front Page]

Check out beautiful Jeju pictures on Flickr


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