Summer Mountain River swimming, in Hwacheon region

Amazingly blue mountain river with natural rock-made pools to splash during the hottest months – about 3 hours away from Seoul

Mountain swim road 56 Sanae-myeon, Hwacheon-gu

We all know those hot summer days when the heat becomes almost unbearable in Seoul. Even with all its water fountains in the city parks or its outdoor swimming pools, there comes a time when we need to take a break from the busy hot Seoul life.

That’s exactly what we did last time: we were craving for freshness, nature and a beautiful refreshing swim in a mountain stream. We headed over in the beautiful valley of Sachang-ri, Gangwon-do, a rather lengthy but truly worthy ride of around 3 hours from Seoul center.

The whole valley is spectacular. It lies along the road 56, westbound from the Chuncheon-Hwacheon road 5. The valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains and with a clear-blue stream flowing in the middle.

You may basically stop anywhere along the road 56 but access might be rather difficult at times. A good site to enjoy the day may be at about 13km from the roads 5 & 56 intersection.
There is a small parking area from which you can easily walk down to the river. Along the stream, you will find nice sandy spots, beautiful water-eroded rocks and nice natural water-hole pools.

When we visited, we enjoyed just the perfect conditions: blue sky, clear water, ideal temperature and depth of the stream. Beware though that water depth might vary greatly depending on the season and precipitations.

How to get there:
184-1 Yongdam-ri, Sanae-myeon, Hwacheon (GPS coordinates: 38.054671, 127.548495).

Public transportation is not really an option – better drive with your own car towards Chuncheon, then in the direction of Hwacheon (road 5) until reaching road 56 where you should follow Sachang-ri / Sanae-myeon direction.

For localization, see Seoul map for Kids and Families.

Mountain swim road 56 Sanae-myeon, Hwacheon-gu


2 thoughts on “Summer Mountain River swimming, in Hwacheon region

  1. Thanks guys! My family saves alot of money by not flying out of Korea during break times. We have been following your ideas for a year or so and our family life has improved greatly! We just returned from Hong Cheon area. rafting, 5 star resorts, camping…we did it all….tks again…..

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