Farmer for a day at Jinju Farm

A fun farming experience for the whole family at the beautiful Jinju Farm, nested West of Suwon. Book the Farm Experience program to enjoy a comprehensive immersion into farming life. Unforgettable for both kids and parents!

Jinju Farm, Korea

We had already visited the surrounding Ansan area and even stopped by Jinju farm once before. However we wanted to come back during the beautiful Autumn season and enjoy the full array of activities offered by the farm’s management. Lucky we were… as we truly had a blast! The program is a bit pricey yet worth it as we all enjoyed a day full of attractions and our kids couldn’t be happier.

The experience started with a short introduction about Jinju farm and the program schedule. We then jumped on a big tractor for a tour of the facilities, stables, barns and orchards.

This was followed by four consecutive stations.

Station 1. Feeding and milking the cows ^^: in the main barn, kids will love to feed and pet the cows. Right after, the Farm’s team might show you how to milk a cow… and then it’s your turn if you dare!

Station 2. String-Cheese making: you will also be guided by the nice Farm’s team members on how to produce yummy string cheese. This was a fun hands-on experience where we had to work out the raw cheese with a few easy-to-follow steps. And don’t worry: the kind farm’s helpers will always assist you and help children to make sure your cheese production will be good enough! Not only was it fun but we also made, baked and ate a delicious pizza using our self-made cheese.

Station 3. Ice cream making: the tour continued with another dairy production workshop. This time we made real ice-cream right from the fresh milk. Kids got to chose their own favorite taste: chocolate or strawberry!

Station 4. Milk-feeding calves: finally we were taken through a beautiful pear-tree orchard to a smaller barn. There 2-week calves were just waiting for our kids to milk-feed them! What a fantastic time and memory for everyone!

There is an intermission in the middle of the program around noon for lunch time. The best way to enjoy is certainly to do like all other Korean families: bring a picnic and relax, watching cows and horses or playing games on the lawn!

Also at the end of the program and seasonally adjustable, you may participate to a couple of additional farming activities. When we visited, we could pick up huge fresh pears from the orchard or crop sweet potatoes. There is an extra charge for this activity depending on your fruits/vegetables harvest.

Available Sundays only, the program starts at 10 AM. It is advisable to book in advance. This is a truly local activity and therefore you should have some Korean language basic knowledge to understand instructions. Alternatively it is advisable to plan the trip with some Korean friends.

March-November: full program 25,000 KRW per person
Dec-Feb: Winter program 14,000 KRW per person

Highway 15, Exit Bibong – then turn right after the tollgate and first right turn again.

Jingo Farm, Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong-si Bibongmyeon Gupori 941-42
진주목장, 경기도 화성시 비봉면 구포리 941-42
Tel : 031-356-0073

For more information, check Jinju Farm website (Korean only).

For localisation, check Seoul Map for Kids & Families.

Jinju Farm, Korea


3 thoughts on “Farmer for a day at Jinju Farm

  1. Dear kidsfuninseoul

    I am from singapore n saw your post on jinju farm.

    May I know is there any email which you can provide for the reservation of their full program as their website is in Korean n I simply don understand at all 😂.

    Just wanna check if there is any cafe in the farm so we could have our lunch …

    Thank you for your time .

    1. Hi Lyn, Sorry but we do not have their email address. You might want to call the Farm directly although English communication might be an issue (+82 31 356 0073). There is a small coffee shop but that would not really be sufficient for a lunch – we advise you pack a picnic with you to be on a safe side. Also check in advance opening hours & programs depending on the season – this will be much more limited during the winter. Best, Kidsfuninseoul

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