Guknyeongsa Temple – The golden Buddha in Bukhansan Park

Perfect tip for family hiking  – forest, mountain, waterfalls and 24 metres high golden statue of Buddha at Guknyeongsa Temple


Last week-end we returned to Bukhansan National Park and explored another part of this hikers paradise.

We started from the Bukhansanseong Information Center, one of the park’s main entrances. After about 200 meters, we had to choose between the forest trail or the paved road (actually both trails are going the same way so it’s completely up to you). We picked up the easiest paved road which is even strollers friendly – at least at the beginning ;-).  Past  the Daeseomun Gate, we continued in the direction of Daenammun Gate and Bukhansan Shelter. When the pavement road finishes and you continue on the hiking trail just don’t miss the intersection after a small bridge. The main hike continues straight but as the sign for 국녕사 indicates, you have to turn right pass through a small house and continue up the hill until the Guknyeongsa temple.

Arriving up the hill, we’ve been just amazed by this monumental statue and the beauty of all this magic site.

After spending some time to contemplate and take plenty of pictures we decided to continue up to the peak of the Mountain. This section is a much more demanding hike so we don’t really recommend it with little kids.

On the other hand if you can make it, it is really worth all the efforts. The views over the temple and the city from the top are very impressive.

How to get there:

  • Gupabal station, Exit 1.   Take bus #34, #704 or #8772 to Bukhansanseong Information Centre.

For localisation go to Seoul Map for kids and families


서울특별시 은평구 진관동 산3도로명주소 서울특별시 은평구 대서문길 42-3

Tel: 02-359-9824


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