Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Seoul MMCA 1st Anniversary

Brand new exhibitions across Seven art galleries, Fantastic facilities and kids-friendly staff – MMCA is getting better and better each time!

MMCA Seoul - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; Seoul box; Leandro Erlich Port of reflections

Kidsfuninseoul previously published a first-impressions post about Seoul Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. That was exactly one year ago to the day. This time, we returned during one of these chilly days… brrr! The wide range of art we saw, touched, heard and interacted with, really illuminated and coloured our day!

This was fun, impressive, weird, self-questioning, beautiful, gigantic, unique. Come experience or rediscover MMCA for its 1st anniversary celebration: a highly diverse collection of art in all possible shapes and flavours including photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, sounds and videos.

What you may expect:

  • Located right in the main hall, Seoul box is the flagship space of the museum displaying huge pieces of arts. When it opened, Seoul box was displaying Do Ho Suh’s Home Within Home. Right now, you may admire the poetic, beautiful and mind-boggling art of Leandro Erlich: “Port of Reflections”. Incredible how the optical illusion is almost perfect. Kids had great fun playing and running in the black velvet room just underneath the boats.
  • Seven art galleries, currently running the following exhibitions as of December 2014: 1st Anniversary Exhibition of MMCA Seoul 《Garden》; Human, Space, Machine – Stage Experiments at the Bauhaus; MFV(MMCA Film and Video) SCINTILLATION OR DISAPPEARANCE; MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES 2014: LEE BUL; Rebirth of Place: Expansion & Conflict of the Korean Modern Architecture; Site-specific Artwork Project 2014 <Super Nature>; MATRIX: MATHEMATICIANS _ HEART OF GOLD AND THE ABYSS.

A very lively and inspiring modern art treasure chest, MMCA is however clearly NOT a playground-style children museum. It is mostly appropriate with kids from elementary school and above with parental assistance.

Enjoy a day full of art!

Opening hours :
Closed : Mondays and January 1st
ㅇ Ticket : Until 1 hour prior to the closing time
ㅇ Museum Hours
– Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday : 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
– Wednesday, Saturday : 10:00 am ~ 9:00 pm(18:00~21:00 : Special exhibition is free)

Admission :
ㅇ Admission fee is charged differently according to the exhibition (currently 4,000 KRW for all exhibitions; free under 24 years old).
Please refer to the museum website for details
ㅇ Permanent Exhibition is free.

How to get there :
– Next to Exit 1, Ankuk Station, Line No. 3 ~ 14 minute walk
– Next to Exit 2, Gwanghwamun Station, Line No. 5 ~ 17 minute walk

Parking Capacity: 384 Vehicles (Underground Level Parking Lot)
– 3,000 won for first 1 hour
– 500 won for each additional 10 minute period exceeding the first 1hours
– 25,000 won maximum daily charge(08:00~23:00)

For localization, see Seoul Maps for Kids & Families

For more information go to MMCA

MMCA Seoul - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; Bauhaus


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