Gyeonggi Children’s Museum – why you should not miss it!

Super cool, big and modern, the three-story Gyeonggi Children’s Museum might well be the ultimate kids’ edutainment attraction! Treat yourself and your kids to a great visit filled with games, learning and playing opportunities

Gyeonggi Children's Museum – water playground

As parents of young kids, we have visited and experienced a great number of attractive children’s venues in and around Seoul. We love discovering and sharing popular, newly-opened or little-known  locations, in our quest to bring you great suggestions on Kidsfuninseoul blog. This time, we enjoyed so much our latest discovery and thought it was as good as similar museums in Children’s Grand ParkNational Museum or at the War Memorial. Or perhaps even better…?

What makes it so good and why you should not miss it? Well, it’s all in the diversity of games, plays, interactive corners that caters for kids from 3 years old and above… Each of the ten thematic areas is packed with fun activities, giving you at least 10 good reasons to love Gyeonggi Children’s Museum.

1) Nature’s playground for the little ones: this is the first section when you enter the museum. A fantastic play opportunity for the youngest kids who can do some farm-playing, slide from pretend-trees or swing on small play animals. Children can also dress like firemen or policemen!

2) Healthy playground: in addition to a few biking and exercising games, we were very impressed with the giant climbing structure raising about 15-meter high, which reminded us of “Jack & the Beanstalk”. Be aware that your child should be taller than 120cm to be allowed in the structure. There is also a climbing boulder wall for the more adventurous kids.

3) Han River and water: another great attraction to learn about rivers and play with water. Kids will love to splash and pump water or make big waves!

4) How the body work? in this section, children enter different body parts and learn how we can hear, smell, see, move or breathe. Our kids liked best to play in the giant mouth and teeth.

5) Construction Zone: this is the place for to-be architects and construction builders, complete with safety helmets, photo-zone opportunities and bricks-building material.

6) Eco Atelier: a great craft workshop for the artistic kids. Play with recycled materials and make your own art.

7) Wisdom in the Fairy Tale: dress like a princess or roar like a tiger in this fairy-tale inspired section. A great introduction to local Korean traditional stories!

8) These are my friends: would you like to learn different music styles, compare food from different countries, dress Chinese- or Japanese-style? In this section, children learn about and experience first-hand cultural diversity from all over the World.

9) Mini Theater: enjoy short plays or puppet shows (in Korean only) where children can interact with the performers.

10) Artworks Hidden in the Museum: there are plenty of creative art works to marvel at during the visit. Raise the head and look for creations hanging on the walls or from the ceiling. In particular, we were stuck for more than 30 minutes just watching the giant Roller-ball machine located near the entrance gates. Our little boy was so impressed he did not want to leave anymore!

In a nutshell, Gyeonggi Children's Museum puts the bar really high for any kids-centric play museum. Highly recommended for each of the above-mentioned reasons taken individually.... and there are 10 of these! You may also combine a visit with the nearby Korean Traditional Folk Village, also highly recommended.

Opening hours: 
March~June and September~November: 10:00~18:00 / 10:00~19:00 Saturdays
July~August: 10:00~19:00
December~February: 10:00~18:00
Closed 2nd and 4th Monday each month (Holiday open)

Admission: KRW 4,000  over 12 months

How to get there:

Nearest station Gyeonggi Province Museum (경기도박물관)
– Red bus 1560, 5500-1

Take Gyeongbu Expressway and Yeongdong Expressway, Singal-Ansan Expressway, and arrive at Suwon Tollgate → right turn →Singal Ogeori Intersection → right turn (for Korea Folk Village) → 1.5km

Address:  Sanggal-dong 85, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 기흥구 상갈동 85
Tel. 031-270-8600

For more information check Gyeonggi Children’s Museum website.
For localisation, see our Seoul Map for Kids and Families

Gyeonggi Children's Museum Gyeonggi Children's Museum – rolling ball


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