Christmas in Seoul: Top list Guide for 2017

The holiday season is arguably one of the very exciting times in Seoul and definitely a time with popular family appeal. As every year, Kidsfuninseoul prepared a lineup of don’t-miss events and activities in Seoul happening during the holiday season.

 Christmas Traditional Markets


Street Lights & Giant Christmas Trees



Shows & Events

Ice-skating and Sledding

Gourmet corner

  • Baking your own cakes and pastries: Bangsan Market with its Bakers’ alley in the Dongdaemun area
  • You may place special orders for your turkey or other Christmas specialty through most luxury hotels (usually their Deli or main Restaurant).
  • Chocolate: There are several small chocolate artisans around the city. You can try CacaoboomPiaf Artisan Chocolatier, Jubilee Chocolatier

Seoul’s special Christmas cakes

The Christmas cake has become such a popular item that any bakery launches its own line of Christmas cakes. Just stop by your favorite bakery shop. You can’t miss it;-)

Special Holidays Hotel Packages

Check out the news pages from all major international hotels. Great deals are usually available for a romantic dinner, stay or spa!

Special Nature Treats!


Happy holidays from Kidsfuninseoul!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Seoul: Top list Guide for 2017

  1. Hello all, I see you have not updated your site for about six months, I really enjoyed what you did and it improved our family life quite a bit. Tks alot. Do you plan to continue updating your blog?

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