November was probably the last month of mild weather, and we are now about to face the cold and dreariness of December. Choose now to make your December special, and look forward to Christmas, the winter fun, and the change in atmosphere! Winter is coming, bringing lots of new opportunities to see, and there are especially many here in Korea. This December will be a memorable time to celebrate Christmas and see the amazing things winter is offering. Have fun!

In Korea, festivals are happening all the time, but the winter ones are the best. Our favorite is the Pyeongchang Trout Festival, as even a complete amateur can easily catch a trout! They’re all great places to visit with kids or large groups – and trust us, no one will get bored!

Sometimes, the December weather just won’t permit you to stay outside, and you’ve got to find something else to do… Why not visit a few indoor things? December offers a lot of new activities, most having to do with Christmas, and it’ll be fun to get out and start feeling the Christmasy mood!

Also, make sure to check out all the ski resorts and ice skating rinks as they will be opening soon.

Have an amazing December filled with awesome memories!

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