Top kids-friendly museums in Korea

Whether you are looking for history, art or science and dinosaurs, we are more than lucky in Korea to be so well served with museums that are both child friendly and highly interactive

Check out our Best of list of museums in Seoul and around:

Seoul Children’s Museum (서울상상나라)

Seoul Children’s Museum
Everyone loves this immersive touch-and-feel museum perfectly designed for the little ones (toddlers and preschoolers).

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Gwacheon National Science Museum
With interactive, hands-on exhibits that are great for both younger and older children, the Gwacheon National Science Museum provides a super-interesting learning experience for children.

Jeongok Prehistory Museum

Jeongok Prehistory Museum
Modern and futuristic Museum perfect for a great one-day trip of indoor and outdoor exploration.

Buk Seoul Museum of Art SeMA - Children's Gallery

Buk Seoul Museum of Art
Designed to inspire the creativity in all of us, the recently opened Buk Seoul Museum of Art hosts a number of exhibitions  that are both educational and interesting for the kids and their parents.

Ho-Am Art Museum
Ho-Am Art Museum

Ho-Am Art Museum
Located in Everland area this beautiful museum of traditional art with its pristine Korean garden is a perfect destination for spring or sunny summer days.

Seoul City Model Museum of History

Seoul Museum of History
A fun and entertaining look at Seoul’s history, little ones will be kept busy exploring the touch museum and multi-media displays and all the family can admire the over-sized city model.

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