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10 Ways to Keep Summer Going after School Begins

Whether you’re relieved or sad seeing your kids back to school, don’t forget it’s still summer in Seoul until close to end of September!  So if your family is not yet ready for summer to end, pick a few items off our Summer List and go have some fun while the air is hot and the sun still shines!


  1. Hangang River outdoor swimming pools are open until August 23, 2017
  2. Beachy adventures await!
  3. Baseball games run deep into October
  4. How about KNP camping in one of the Korea National Parks?
  5. Muju Firefly Festival is running August 27 – September 4, 2017
  6. Nothing says summer quite like canoeing on river
  7. A family bike ride keeps the summer mood going
  8. Refreshing splash of the mountain river
  9. Make a trip to Andong during the traditional Maskdance Festival (September 29 ~ October 8, 2017)
  10. Pick your own and enjoy the delicious taste of peaches at Janghowon Peach Festival (September 22~24, 2017)





Gyeongpo Beach & Lake – pine trees, white sand and crystal blue water

At the end of the Highway 50, reaching the East Sea (Donghae – 동해), lies beautiful Gyeongpo, a seaside village with a white-sand beach and a picturesque lake. Perfect beach destination for the weekend from May until October.

Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach

Located in the northern part of Gangneung, Gangwon-do Province, Gyeongpo is one of the many seaside villages boarding the East Sea coastline. Approximately 250 km from Seoul, it is easily reachable even for a one-day trip only – if you’re lucky with road traffic.

Gyeongpo Beach: pristine, blue water and a few attractions

When we reached our destination, we headed first to the beach! This is a very long strip of white sand, bordered with pine trees. The sea is very clean and water particularly transparent. You may expect a few waves if windy (as is usually the case along the East sea). There were fun attractions as well: pony and horse-riding, banana boats, jet skis, etc.

There are dozens of seafood restaurants and cafes along the beach street – we found them all very attractive, clean and picking up the one with the best shrimps, crabs and fishes was a great challenge!

Gyeongpo Lake: enjoy a beautiful family walk and stream boat-crossing

There’s more to Gyeongpo than just its fantastic beach… Check out the Lake side! We had a blast running around, watching the fun Korean-traditional sculptures on display, observing birdlife… But the highlight for us was the wetland area with its wooden bridges and the canal-crossing boat (by pulling a rope).

Enjoy this beautiful East-sea coastline option to make the best family memories and take many wonderful snapshots.

How to get there: 
Direct buses from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal (2h40′ approximately 15,000 KRW).  From Gangneung Terminal, take bus 202 to Gyeongpodae.

For localisation, see our Seoul Map for Kids & Families.

Gangneung Gyeongpo Lake

Cheollipo Arboretum – magnolias, camellias and more in a beautiful garden by the sea

A stretch of pine forest near a sandy beach, blooming magnolias and beautiful pond with lilies – take a walk in Cheollipo Arboretum recognized as one of the world’s most distinguished arboretums

Chollipo Arboretum

Cheollipo Arboretum is mostly famous for a wide variety of Magnolia trees. As they are blooming right now we decided to visit the arboretum last week-end. The temperatures were still a bit chilly and only first trees started to blossom but anyway we had a wonderful time walking around the pond or in the pine tree area and admiring the daffodils, cherry blossoms and beautiful magnolias flowers.

The arboretum is located in Taean Area (approximately 2 hours of drive from Seoul). The garden itself is not very large but its location right on the ocean between Mallipo and Cheollipo beach makes it a perfect one day trip from Seoul.

Meanwhile, a festival of tulips  will take place in Taean from April 13th till May 10th. For more information, call (041) 675-7881 or visit

Opening hours:
April – October 09:00~18:00
November – March 09:00~17:00

December to March: Adults 6,000 won / Teenagers 4,000 won / Children 3,000 won / Special discount 4,000 won
– April to November: Adults 9,000 won / Teenagers 5,000 won / Children 4,000 won / Special discount 5,000 won

How to get there:
Take the bus to Taean at Seoul Nambu Terminal – departure every 40 minutes (06:40-20:00), 2 hour and 20 minute ride
– Board the bus to Cheollipo Arboretum at Taean Bus Terminal – Departure 8 times a day (06:40, 07:40, 09:30, 12:10, 13:50, 16:00, 17:35, 19:30), 35 minute ride

천리포수목원 – 충청남도 태안군 소원면 의항리 875
875, Uihang-ri, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Tel: 041-672-9982

For more information go to (Korean only)

Directions – see Seoul Map for Kids and Families