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Waujeongsa Temple 와우정사 and glamping barbecue afternoon

Hidden in the beautiful valley of Yongin, the Waujeongsa temple is a perfect and serene place to take some rest for a weekend. Starting from the huge sculpture of Buddha’s head, climb up for the best views of the surrounding forests and mountains. If you are into “Glamping”, there is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon right after your visit to the temple 😉

Waujeongsa Temple 와우정사

Waujeongsa Temple is located south of the Highway 50 approximately 45km away from Seoul and very close to the nearby attractions as Everland, Yangji Pine Resort, Korean Folk Village, Ho-Am Art Museum and Yeonhwasan Mountain.

The temple was built only in 1970 by a monk Kim Hae-geun, a former resident of North Korea, as a symbol to pray for the Korean reunification. Beside the beautiful setting of the temple you will certainly be impressed by all the relics and statues. There is much to see as the temple has around 3,000 Buddhist statues. Among the most famous statues you shouldn’t miss the Buldu (Buddha’s head) located at the entrance of the temple and the Wabul (reclining Buddha statue) which is 3m tall and 12m long. We also liked the painted wall with the stories of Buddha’s life, the 12-ton Bell of Unification and of course the amazing view of the valley.

As we visited around lunchtime, we started to be starving on the way down the hill. Right next to the parking lot we discovered Uncle de Paris, providing both an indoor italian-style restaurant or outdoor barbecue options. When our kids saw the tents, teepee and  barbecues, it was decided that we had to try Glamping 😉 So we did and we all loved it!

How to get there:

  • Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 6 or 7.
    Take Bus 5600 or 5800 to Yongin Intercity Bus Terminal.
    From the terminal take the bus bound for Wonsam (원삼).
    Get off at Waujeongsa Temple.
  • Gangnam Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 10
    Take Bus 5001 or 5002 to Yongin Intercity Bus Terminal.
    From the terminal take the bus bound for Wonsam (원삼).
    Get off at Waujeongsa Temple.

Address: 89-1, Haesil-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 처인구 해실로 89-1 (해곡동)

For localisation go to Seoul Map for Kids & Families

Waujeongsa Temple 와우정사 - beautiful nature


Yuldong Park – Bungee Jumping & Walk around the Lake

Nature walk or biking ride around the lake, surrounded by flowers, grass and sculptures in a very close Seoul neighborhoodYuldong Nature Park lake

Yuldong Nature Park – located in the new section of Bundang in the city of Seongnam, is another easy week-end hangout from Seoul.Yuldong Nature Park

Let’s have a walk around the lake with a giant fountain in the middle. Ride your bike on the path and stop by for a picnic on the grass surrounded by the modern art sculptures.Yuldong Nature ParkBook Park Yuldong Nature Park

There is also a 45-meter bungee jumping site, badminton center, two children’s playground, foot acupressure path, grass plaza and a Book Theme Park which was unfortunately closed when we visited.Yuldong Nature ParkYuldong Nature Park

If you forgot your picnic, you’ll find a variety of restaurants in one of the food streets located on the northern part of the park.Yuldong Nature Park Restaurant

How to get there:

  • Seohyeon Station (Subway Bundang Line), Exit 2.
  • Take Bus 33, 15, 17, or 17-1

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids & Families

Yuldong Nature ParkYuldong Nature Park