Chuncheon International Mime Festival in pictures

With more than 80 performances from 8 different countries and a legacy going back to 1989, Chuncheon International Mime Festival (춘천마임축제) is a fantastic event full of surprises and fun. We and our kids loved the shows and the laid-back atmosphere so much. Encore, encore!

Chuncheon International Mime Festival

After posting the news, we decided almost last-minute to go and see by ourselves what the buzz was all about… And we didn’t regret it a bit! We visited on Saturday May 31st and enjoyed hours of prime-level performances ranging from magicians, dance, acrobatics, fire-breathing, juggling, clowns, taekwondo demonstration and much more. Kids could also freely play diabolo or chinese juggling sticks games.

Here is a quick photographic recollection of this memorable day trip.

The venue at Gonggicheon-Euiam park was a great location. Big enough to provide 4 different performance scenes running simultaneous programs + 1 larger Night-show scene, yet small enough to walk easily from one to the other with small kids whenever we wanted to check another program. The day was hot and sunny and there was lots of shade whenever it was needed. On site, there were as well food-stalls, restrooms, a convenience store for an occasional ice-cream or a refill of fresh water.

Performances were running from noon all along until the middle of the night (5 AM).  It’s always a good idea to pack a picnic mat, snacks and fresh drinks.

Admission: The ticket price was 15,000 KRW per adult and 10,000 KRW per child (above 36 months). The one-price entry allows you to stay and watch as many performances as you want.

We’re looking forward to next year’s edition which should occur late May, early June.

For localisation, see Seoul Map for Kids and Families.

Nearby Chuncheon, a few other suggestions: Cheongpyeong Temple and the Soyang Dam ReservoirJade Botanical Garden, Jaraseom Island, Nami Island

Chuncheon International Mime Festival




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