Korean Folk Village

Beautiful folk village within a one-hour drive from Seoul where all wonderful Korean traditions are on display and the time seems to be suspended – for the marvel of the entire family.

Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village is another one day trip from Seoul where you can go and return several times a year. The kids always love to run around and at the same time experience and learn the culture of our ancestors.

The park itself is set in a beautiful environment surrounded by the mountains and as soon as you enter the gate you feel like in a different world. Many of the buildings, including 168 traditional houses, were relocated to the folk village and restored to reproduce the original atmosphere and lifestyle of the Korean people in the late Chosun period.

craft making - Korean Folk Village

During all day you can see the artisans practicing their handicraft skills and process in pottery, round willow baskets, bamboo weaving, paper making, and many other traditional arts. Let your kids watch all the master craftsmen and women create beautiful designs in brass, embroidery, iron, and clay.

Don’t forget to stop by the Folk Scene Performing Arena where the Farmers’ Music and Dance, Korean Seesaw, and Acrobatics on a Tightrope are performed twice a day. In the Southern Part Traditional House No. 9 the traditional wedding is celebrated twice a day in the spring and autumn, and during holidays.
wedding reenactment - Korean Folk Village
Check the schedule of the day’s events near the main entrance.
And if it is lunchtime, just head to the food section of the traditional marketplace where you can taste the Korean traditional cuisine while eating outside if the weather allows or inside the traditional houses in ondol style.

Picturesque hanok house decoration - Korean Folk Village

Opening hours:

Summer : 09:00 to 18:30
Winter : 09:00 to 17:00
* Extended by 30 minutes on Weekend and Holidays
* Entrance allowed 1 hour before closing.

Admission fee:

  • Adults 15,000 won
  • Youths (13-18 years old) 12,000 won
  • Children (4-12 years old) 10,000 won

Korean Folk VillageHow to get there:

Public transportation

  •  Gangnam St. – Yangjae – Highway – Singal – Korean Folk Village KFV (Express bus no. 5001-1)
  • Suwon St. (Train/Subway) – Singal – KFV (City bus no. 37)
  • Suwon St. Square (Train/Subway) – KFV (Free Shuttle Bus)


If you arrive at the Singal Tollgate follow the road signs to the Korean Folk Village, which is about 3km away. (Parking fee 2,000/3,000 won)

Korean Folk Village map
For more information go to Korean Folk Villageprepared for the wedding ceremony - Korean Folk Village

2 thoughts on “Korean Folk Village

  1. Hello do you know if there is any kind of turistic or not turistic transportation that it is only used in Korea?? like the picture #5 but that transport people??? I am a tourism student and I am looking for all kind of diferentes folks transportation in the wordl like camells , elephant, , like gondolas (venice), 😀

    1. Hi Berenice, sorry for the belated reply.
      Not sure this is exactly what you’re looking for – but I can think of 2 rather local/traditional transportation means:
      – traditional ice sledge, like this one http://blog.korea.net/?attachment_id=15069
      – traditional wedding carriage which was used by the bride during the weeding ceremony (you can still see this at Korean Folk Village), like this one: http://lasonrisaphotography.com/p725733680/hDF35A65#hdf35a65

      Hope this was helpful… Stay tuned to our blog

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