“Rome of Korea” with beautiful nature, splendid historical monuments, relaxing atmosphere and hundred of things to do and visit in and around the city

Gyeongju Korea

Gyeongju is called the Museum without walls and I really like this expression.

Leaving Seoul at dawn time, the 370-km trip went surprisingly smoothly clocking under 4 hours almost entirely on the Expressway. At 9h30 AM, we were already there enjoying a short Cafe Latte break and then ready for the adventure. We’ve been immediately impressed by the beauty of Gyeongju nature. Golden rice paddies surrounded by green mountains and leaves starting to turn red and yellow… So picturesque ^^Gyeongju Korea, rice paddies

You can spend an entire week in the area and explore all the treasures Gyeongju has to offer. The best and perhaps most relaxing way is to rent a bike and spend a day through the lanes in the middle of the fields and rice paddies.Gyeongju Korea Bomun Lake

Wherever you go, you’ll feel the presence of History and importance of the Silla Kingdom  (57 BC – 935 AD) role in Korean science, art and culture. Gyeongju Korea

Here is our list of top places you shouldn’t miss while visiting:

  • Bomun Lake

    Beautiful man-made reservoir in close vicinity -6km- to Gyeongju downtown. The ideal location to rest and enjoy your vacations, with plenty of resorts, sport facilities, amusement parks. Perfect choice for families.

Bomun Lake Gyeongju Korea

  • Bulguksa Temple

    One of the oldest temples nearby Gyeongju (17 km distance), with first foundation dating back to 8th century. Very nice getaway from the city – you will be enchanted by the beauty of the site and the historical value of the Temple itself.

Bulguksa Gyeongju Korea

  • Seokguram Grotto

    Another four kilometer east of Bulguksa through a very winding road, you will reach this spectacular hermitage – known for its majestic Buddha sculpture in a grotto. Both Seokguram and Bulguksa Temple have been added to the Unesco World Heritage List since 1995.

Seokguram Grotto Gyeongju Korea

  • Deareungwon Royal Tombs

    Probably the highlight of your trip to Gyeongju! Located downtown Gyeongju, this magnificent park assembles twenty-three large tombs of the Silla Royal Dynasty in the form of dramatic grassy tumuli with persimmon trees around. Peaceful, serene and awesomely picturesque. A memorable half day for all, parents and kids.

Daereungwon Gyeongju Korea

  • Cheomseongdae Observatory

    A short walk from the above Daereungwon park, a public garden provides free opportunity to fly kites (available for sale from street vendors), take a walk in the garden or get a closer look at the city-symbol: Cheomseongdae Observatory. This is one of the oldest astronomical towers on Earth, built in the 7th century. Expect to answer many questions from your star-glazing Little Princes ^^.

    Cheomsongdae Gyeongju Korea

  • Anapji Pond

    Also in the same area this artificial pond was made in the early days of the Silla Dynasty (674 AC) as part of an ancient Royal Palace. The pond only remains for the pleasure of amateur and pro photographers!

Anapji Gyeongju Korea

For many other sightseeing tips and ideas, check out the Korea Tourism Organization website.


Bomun Lake area – Hyundai hotelCommodore ChosunHilton Gyeongju

Old city – Beautiful and newly renovated traditional Hanok Guesthouse – Coffee Shop Floral space



We tried a delicious traditional restaurant located in the narrow streets just behind the walls of Daereungwon Royal Tombs – Dosol Maeul 도솔마을 Tel: 010-4733-9232 or 054-748-9232Bulguksa Gyeongju KoreaSeokguram Bulguksa Gyeongju Korea

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