Achasan Mountain Hike and Goguryeo Blacksmith Village

Spectacular family hiking very close from Seoul city center, including temple sightseeing, beautiful mountain and Han river landscape… not to mention a great exhibition in the made-for-drama Blacksmith Village

Last week-end we discovered another gem easily accessible by subway, bus or with your car (about 30 minutes from Seoul Station). Fantastic nature and medium-difficulty trails just at the immediate vicinity to the urban center: this is Seoul at its best!

Located on the Eastern part, along the northern shore of Han River – just passing by the Walkerhill Sheraton Hotel, Achasan Mountain is approximately 300 meters high ‘only’. Still, it is topped with quite impressive granite cliffs which reminded us the higher and better known Bukhansan mountain.

Daeseongam Temple Recommended 2km walk one way (allow approximately 1.5 hours for return trip with little kids)

You can start your walk from the parking lot located in front of Goguryeo Blacksmith Village. Crossing a small stream, you can follow the trail to Deaseongam Temple on your right climbing a few wooden stairs first. You will soon reach a local landmark: the Achasan Great Stone Face. A stunning face-like shape made from rocks. The place is said to be filled with strong feng-shui. So don’t forget to wish for good fortune!

Continue up the hill, passing various granite formations and streams. You will reach the small and nicely located Daeseongam Temple. It is a perfect spot for observing the Han River from above and to have a snack before going back. Our kids were also fascinated with the collection of small Buddha statues from various origins. They can be found directly on your left when you reach the temple gate. Get your camera ready for great close-up shots!

Fun Walk through Achasan trails, forest and wooden stairs

On your way back, you may loop through another walking road going back to Goguryeo starting point. It is quite an easy walk especially on the prepared wooden path & stairways. However the upper section was a bit slippery last week-end due to snow on the ground and it was sometimes getting a bit icy… We recommend having good walking/trekking shoes. For kids under 5-6 years, it may be a bit challenging especially if they are not used to regular nature walks.

History and Korean drama at Goguryeo Museum and Blacksmith Village

A final visit to this medieval looking village is highly recommended. It is both entertaining for kids and adults as well as providing great historical information about the area. A small museum introduces the significance of the Goguryeo Dynasty and the fortification built on that location. Artifacts, earthenware and iron goods are on display.

The rest of the village was reconstituted for the Korean TV Drama Taewangsashingi. It is freely inspired from housings shown on an ancient Goguryeo Mural. You can visit various houses, see a blacksmith workshop, take pictures from the giant mill-wheel.

We will surely return to test more trail routes in Achasan mountain!

How to get there:

Public Transportation: Subway Line 5 Gwangnaru Station, then Take a bus heading to Guri – get off at Uminae checkpoint and walk about 10 minutes towards Goguryeo Village.

By Car: see direction on map


3,000 KRW adults / 1,500 KRW children 8-13

Opening hours:

9h-18h weekdays, 9h-19h week-ends & holidays

Nov-Feb 9h-17h weekdays, 9h-18h week-ends & holidays

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