Haeyeorim Gardens

Beautiful botanical garden with a playground, a camping site and a swimming pool just a few kilometers from Konjiam Ski Resort

Red poppies Haeyeorim Gardens

If you like spending a relaxing day far from the city and the traffic, Haeyeorim Gardens should truly be on the top of your list! It is located in the valley of Konjiam, surrounded only by green mountains and several picturesque golf country clubs.

Haeyeorim Gardens Bouncing ball

Arriving at the parking lot, the entrance to the garden may seem a bit outdated and old. Actually the garden opened in 2001 and facilities (entrance, souvenir shop, coffee shop) would benefit from some renovation. But overall the theme gardens and ponds are beautiful and very natural. Haeyeorim is not the type of gardens where the grass is perfectly cut and all the flowers are planted in a row. Here some areas are left voluntarily more wild and natural. Compared to other botanical gardens around Seoul (particularly the Garden of Morning Calm), Haeyeorim seems not to be much known by tourists which makes it even more charming, peaceful and relaxing.

We’ve spent almost all day there enjoying every single area. We admired the flowers, had a great picnic, jumped on the jumping balls and cooled down in the swimming pool with the best views ever…
Try it yourself 😉

Opening hours:

Last admission: 1 hour before closing


Adults 6,000 won / Children (from 4 years) 4,000 won

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids and Families

Address in Korean: 경기 여주군 산북면 상품리 산 30-1
Tel: 031 882 1700

For more information in Korean go to Haeyeorim

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