Horses paradise and little zoo stop

Best spot to observe horses in a beautiful natural environment

Summertime is here and as everything looks so green and fresh we are in the mood for farms’ visits. 

Last week-end we discovered the Wondang Horse Ranch in Gyeonggi-do. This horse racing training center is managed by the Korean Race Association. It is located in the middle of the nature right next to the site of UNESCO World Heritage – Seosamneung.

When you start walking from the parking lot, take the nice road in the middle of the meadows. You can see dozens of beautiful horses grazing peacefully in this idyllic setting which was chosen for several movies shooting.

Take your own picnic as there are no restaurants inside the Horse Ranch and enjoy your lunch in the grass.

But be aware if your kids want to ride a horse, you are not at the right place. The ranch is open for public only to enjoy the walk in the nature and observe the horses but there are no other tourist activities or attractions organized. 

For all those who want to touch and see more animals, there is a small zoo called Theme Park ZooZoo just a few kilometers north of the ranch. This theme park is a bit oldish and small but it’s a nice stopover if you are already in the area. Especially the farm animals section where you can walk in the middle of pigs, goats, sheep and peacocks, feed and touch them is really funny.

For more information go to Theme Park Zoozoo (in Korean only)

How to get there:

Wondang Horse Ranch – see full map

Samsong station -line 3, exit 5 and take bus 41. Get off at Seosamneung Entrance (서삼릉입구) – 15 mins ride.

Operating Hours:

Wednesday – Sunday 09:00 – 17:00
(Winter Season 09:00 – 16:30)

*Closed on Monday, Tuesday
Seollal, Chuseok, Holiday

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