Jeongok Prehistory Museum

Another jewel among the interactive and innovative museums in Korea where the futuristic designed halls will let you feel like travelers in time. The Prehistoric Park also doubles the fun with outdoor walk & games.

The beautiful and original architecture of Jeongok Prehistory Museum catches your sight immediately when you see it from the road. Reminding us of a huge stainless steel worm or snake wriggling between two mountains, the museum is actually designed as a bridge connecting two hills. Located on the oldest and largest Paleolithic site in Korea, discovered only in 1978, the metallic original architecture of the building seems to be perfectly integrated in the landscape.

The main feature of the indoor exhibition is a “Great Walk of Evolution“, which will let you follow a timeline through the evolution of man in the region of Jeongok. All the displays are inviting for interaction or exploration and the perfect lighting emphasizes the effect of moving in time. You’ll be amazed by the life-sized hominids, mammoth and stuffed animals, as well as cave paintings and all the beautiful artifacts.

On the main floor, you’ll find also a Coffee-shop, Library, Museum Shop and kids play and activity area. On the lower floor, don’t miss the the Temporary Exhibition called “Man in Ice Age” (till March 10th, 2013).

After visiting the indoor Exhibition, there is also a wonderful outdoor area well worth the exploration.

First of all, take the walk on the roof of the snake-shaped building. The views of the entire site and surrounding mountains are incredible.

And then, take a walk in the Prehistory Park. It’s a beautiful park and a wide space proposing many activities and experimental programs and performances, especially during the Yeoncheon Jeongokri Paleolithic Festival taking place every year around May 5th.

Operation Hours:

  • Monday ~ Friday: 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.
  • Weekends/Holidays: 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.

Admission Fee:

  • Children (7-18 years) / Students: 2,000 KRW (+500 KRW for the Park)
  • Adults: 4,000 KRW (+1,000 KRW)

How to get there:

Train: Get off at Hantangang Station on the Gyeongwon Line and walk 10 minutes
(Transfer from Dongducheon Station on the Subway Line #1)

For directions go to Seoul Map for Kids and Families.

For more information go to Jeongok Prehistory Museum

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