Insadong Street – an enchanting place where art galleries, tea houses, restaurants, handicraft shops and delicious street food vendors mingle in a so-typical Seoul way.Insadong

Insadong dates back from 500 years ago and was during the early Joseon dynasty period an area of residence for government officials. During the Japanese occupation, the wealthy Korean residents were forced to move and sell their belongings, at which point the site became an area of trading in antiques. After the end of the Korean War, the area became a focus of South Korea’s artistic and cafe life.Insadong

Nowadays, it is a very lively artistic and shopping area. The art galleries – with more than a 100 of them – make up for the reputation of Insadong. Then come all the traditional teahouses and Korean-style restaurants in traditional Hanok houses.Insadong

It’s always pleasant to take a stroll there with friends, foreign visitors and/or just your own family. Remember Insadong street and its back alleys can get VERY crowded during the week-end afternoons. Always better to start in the mornings.

You may also want to connect this walk with the very pleasant Bukchon – Samcheong – Gyeongbokgung Palace area.

So take a walk with us in pics. We really loved to catch those magic moments while getting lost in the narrow back alleys…InsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadongInsadong

How to get there:

  • Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6 – Turn left after 100m

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