Jeong-dong Observatory – Majestic Panorama

Recently opened to the public, Jeong-dong Observatory is a little known secret not to be missed on a bright clear sunny day. Views over the new Seoul City Hall, Deoksugung Palace and Inwangsan are very impressive!

Deoksugung Palace from Jeongdong Observatory

Once used as government offices, the space has just been opened to the grand public, residents or tourists, since mid April 2013. It is conveniently located on the 13th floor of the SMG’s Seosomun Building 1, just across the street from Deoksugung Palace.

Jeong-dong ObservatorySeoul City Hall from Jeongdong Observatory

The Observatory itself is rather modest in appearance: just a few chairs, coffee and refreshment vending machines and a photographic display of historical landmarks on the walls. The real attraction is outside: the panoramic views spanning from Seoul City Hall to the Gangwamun Area and beyond, including Inwangsan and Bukhansan mountains.

A nice break from the street buzz and worth the short visit together with other local points of interest: Seoul City Hall, Deoksugung Palace or Seoul Museum of Art.

The visit can be fun and impressive both for your foreign visitors or as a family stop just before going to the Royal Guards Changing Ceremony at the entrance of Deoksugung (check the schedule!).

How to get there:   City Hall Station (Line 1, Exit 1 and Line 2 Exit 11~12)

Opening hours:      From 9 am to 6 pm, weekends only. Free access.

For directions, go to Seoul Map for Kids & Families


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