Naksan Park, a Seoul Fortress Walk

Peaceful and beautiful family park, located north of Dongdaemun along the Seoul Fortress Wall. Enjoy the stunning views over Seoul Historical District and impressive 360° panorama

Naksan Park

Unlike other popular week-end attractions such as Namsan Tower, Yongsan Family Park or Seoul Forest, Naksan Park is a far more intimate and discreet option. By all means, it is far less crowded which contributes to its charms. The park sits atop Mt. Naksan, a 100m-high hill. Naksan Park actually follows the old fortress wall that connects Dongdaemun and Hyehwamun, the two gates in the northern parts of old Seoul. The wall was built under the Joseon Dynasty to protect the city from invasion.

Although there are not specifically kids-friendly attractions, we found Naksan Park to be very enjoyable for a week-end family stroll. It is relaxed, forested (shady) in most places with a well-maintained and stroller-friendly 2 km-long walking trail. At several locations, exercising stations are available like is usually the case in most public parks.

Three observation points are well indicated and provide splendid views at the city. Come here on a nice blue-sky day to sit & relax or to have a family picnic!

You may also want to connect with the art-oriented Ihwa-dong Murals Village, just nearby.

Ihwa-dong Murals, Daisies Stairway

How to get there:
From Hyehwa Station (line 4), take Exit 2. Go straight for 200m, then turn left onto Dongsung-gil Street. Go straight for 200m, then turn left at Lock Museum. Go straight for 50m, then turn right onto Naksan Gongwon-gil Street. Follow the same street up the hill for 300m to arrive at Naksan Park.

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids & Families

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