Gwacheon National Science Museum – Outside Exhibition

Seoul Science Museum’s Kids-friendly Garden with dinosaurs, spaceships, planetarium, eco-park and insectarium. A great picnic spot within Seoul Grand Park area

Gwacheon National Science Museum

With the weather getting a bit cooler but still beautiful to stay outdoors especially at lunchtime and early afternoons, we decided last week-end to go on a discovery trip to the outside area of Gwacheon National Science Museum. Located within walking distance from Seoul Grand Park subway station, the park can be reached easily and quickly from the city center. Gwacheon National Science Museum

Surrounded by Gwanaksan and Cheonggyesan mountains, the park is a great spot to spend a half day in a civilized yet very natural environment full of discoveries and adventure for all the family. Start with the wonderful Dinosaur Park with seven life-sized models of dinosaurs, a little playground area and the adjacent geological park. Continue your journey to the transportation area (with exhibition of real-size electric trains) and aerospace plaza showing the first Korean space launch vehicle and a real model of the delta rocket ship. Gwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science Museum

In the middle of the park you will find the spectacular Planetarium. You have to buy a special ticket to enter but it is definitely worth the visit. There are 5 shows a day (only in Korean). Enjoy the perfect view from reclining chairs while watching the stars-constellation projection, followed by a 30 minutes movie. The screen provides a 360-degree IMAX theatre style immersion. Very impressive both for kids and parents!Gwacheon National Science Museum

Before leaving, don’t miss the Insectarium with aquatic insects, butterflies, spiders, beetles and bugs. There are many highly interactive exhibitions where children can feel and touch and observe in microscopes. If your kids are comfortable in Korean, you can register them to a free class about bugs and insects followed by butterflies and dragonflies hunting in the adjacent eco-park.Gwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science Museum

Pack you picnic if you want to enjoy the nature and beautiful grass area in the park as the outside vendors stands have only very limited choice of chips and ice-creams.Gwacheon National Science Museum

Opening Hours:

09:30am ~ 5:30pm daily

Admission: Free

Planetarium ₩2,000 -Adults, ₩1,000 -Children

Getting there:

Seoul Grand Park Station, Line 4 (exit 5)Gwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science Museum

For more information about the Museum check out our last post Gwacheon National Science MuseumGwacheon National Science Museum

4 thoughts on “Gwacheon National Science Museum – Outside Exhibition

  1. I’m planning to bring my kids but its in Dec, still open during winter? Would it be too cold to view the outside exhibits?

    1. Hi Jamie — sorry for the belated reply. December is usually very cold, but the outdoor park of the museum shall still be accessible (my guess). Probably fine to run around and look at the rockets, but bring on warm clothes! The Museum itself is open non-stop year round. Hope you will have a nice trip!

      1. Thanks for your reply, will definitely bring more warm clothes!
        I have been staying tune in your blog since last year & you never fails to surprise me with so many interesting places. Really appreciate your effort in putting up this blog & sharing information to all, especially families with kids.

  2. hi, i am planning to go here after pocheon art valley. do you have any suggestion for the transportation? thank you 🙂

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