Seoul Science Park’s play zone and Global Village Folk Museum

A focal point for all Seoul residents, Namsan is a great family destination any time in the year for hiking or enjoying fantastic views from atop N-Tower. Not to mention the nearby Namsan Folk Village… Upon our last visit, our walk took us through new areas of the hill and much to our surprise, we discovered great educative and fun resources we had never ever thought existed before. Located nearby the Namsan Public Library, you may have spotted a half-dome building towards Namdaemum side. This hosts a planetarium and the Seoul Science Park museum, Namsan branch.

Seoul Science Park’s play zone: 50 maths and science educative games

This time, we were only able to check the Science Park’s mathematical play zone located on the 4th floor. The perfect place to keep your kids busy for an hour or two! You will find there about 50 various play opportunities… From assembling geometric shapes to solving metal puzzles or drawing spirals and ellipsis… These play corners aim to make maths and science a fun experience for young kids. They are suitable for kids from 3-4 years old. Highly educative and mind boggling for little ones!

Global Village Folk Museum (지구촌민속교육박물관)

In the same building on the 2nd and 3rd floors, the Global Village Folk museum has limited but nicely displayed exhibits of world artifacts such as African masks, Asian potteries and more. A nice introduction to the variety of our planet, ethnologically and culturally. Our kids raised tens of questions about the purpose and meaning of these artifacts or traditions.

In summary: a nice surprise for a quick visit during a sudden rain shower or if you’re coming back nearby Namsan to explore something different than the hiking trails or the N-Seoul Tower.


Opening hours: Tuesday~Sunday 10:00 ~ 17:00 Closed Mondays, New Year’s Day, Seollal, Chuseok

Admission: Free

How to get there: From Seoul Station (Subway Line 1, 4, Exit 9-1): Take Bus 402 to Namsan Library (남산도서관). OR, From Seoul Station (Exit 4): take Bus 405 to Namsan Library (남산도서관).

Address:  Seoul Education Research & Information Institute Building, 2-3-4 Fl. – 46, Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 중구 소파로 46 (회현동1가) 서울시 교육연구정보원 2,3,4층

For localisation, see our Seoul Map for Kids and Families


Global Folk Village Seoul Namsan


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