Bukhansan with kids

A little known, spectacular and easy hiking trail in the heart of Seoul’s Bukhansan mountain. Stroller-friendly too ^^

Bukhansan rocksSurrounded by picturesque mountains, Seoul is a real paradise for all mountain climbers, hikers and nature lovers… It can just be sometimes frustrating if you have little kids since most of the hikes are really hard and not quite suitable with little ones, unless you are ready to carry them on your back.

Last week-end we discovered Uiryeong-gil: a beautiful and very easy walk, crossing the very center of Bukhansan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain.

Frozen river end of winter at Bukhansan

Uiryeong-gil has been for a long time a restricted military area and it has been open to public only recently. To preserve this beautiful and unspoiled place, the entrance is allowed to only 1,000 persons per day.

We took the trail starting from the Gyohyeon side. There is a slightly rising wide road section (so very easy to even push the stroller) for 3 kilometers and than you have to go down the hill. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful sceneries and magnificent views all over the trail. Bukhansan Uiryeong-gil views

Don’t forget taking a picnic with you and make a reservation at least the day before you plan to visit!Bukhansan Uiryeong map

Reservation procedure:

For reservations instructions follow the link: Korea National Park Service

– Reservations must be made before 17:00 the day before intended date of visit.
– Limit of 500 for each entrance of Uiryeong-gil.
– Seniors over 65, visitors with a disability, and foreigners can make reservations by phone – Ui Information Center +82-998-8365 (Korean, English),
Gyohyeon Information Center +82-31-855-6559 (Korean, English) (Hours 09:00-17:00)

Dulegil Bukhansan

Opening hours:

Access  to the Uiryeong-gil trail between 09:00 and 14:00. Closing time 16:00. Hikers are required to show proper identification (passport or Alien Registration Card).

How to get there:

  • Gyohyeon Uiryeong-gil
  • DirectionGupabal Subway Station, Exit 1 – Take bus 704 or 34 and get off Uiryeong stop and walk for 5 minutes.
  • Ui Uiryeong-gil DirectionSuyu Subway Station, Exit 3 – Take bus 120 or 153 and get off at the last stop and walk for 5 minutes.

Bukhansan peak from Uiryeong-gil

For more information go to Ecotour trails, Korea National Park Services

2 thoughts on “Bukhansan with kids

  1. Great post! it’s a very useful information especially for hikers with little children. I am very interested to take my kids when I am in Seoul.
    How far is it from Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul? Can you provide direction from this place?

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