Dream forest

Just like a dream in the middle of this busy city, Seoul Dream forest is wearing right its name. Wonderful family park North-East of Seoul Center

Seoul Dream Forest

This is one of those places you can spend the whole day and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Park your car at the parking lot close to the East Entrance n. 2 (just after Jangwol Elementary School) and start your walk by feeding the deers at the Deer Garden. Then you have to climb some steps and here we are. The view of this wooden platform is just stunning!

Let you dream while walking on the lawn plaza with wooden bridges, the falls and the watercourse while watching all the mountains around.

Your kids will definitely love the amazing and very original playground – let’s slide on the airspace shuttle, do the bike race or get lost in the labyrinth tower leading to the giant slide.
Taste the delicious salad or pasta in Cafeteria La Foresta. You can sit down on their beautiful deck terrace and watch the ducks and the fish in the pound.
If the weather is hot, try to refresh you on the main paths of the forest side. Finish your day on the third floor of the Observatory overlooking the eastern part of Seoul.

Getting Here

Seoul Dream Forest mapBus (G local line, B arterial, R wide area, Y circulation)

  • Directions to the East Entrance (Visitors Center)
    B 147: Wolgye Station, Dolgoji Station
    B 149: Hagye Station
    Shuttle Bus
    Seongbuk No.14 Seogye Station, Gangbuk No.09 Mia Samgeori Station, Gangbuk No.11 Mia Samgeori
  • Directions to the West Entrance (Observatory, Arts Center)
    G 1124 Mia Samgeori Station
    Shuttle Bus Gangbuk No.05 Mia Samgeori Station

Seoul Dream Forest streamSubway

  • Directions to the East Entrance (Visitors Center)
    – Subway Line 1
    50m from Exit 2 of Wolgye Station
    20m from Exit 7 of Seogye Station (opposite side of the crosswalk)
    – Subway Line 4
    10m from Exit 1 of Mia Samgeori Station
    – Subway Line 6
    30m distance from Exit 3 of Subway Line 6 Dolgoji Station
    – Subway Line 7
    100m from Exit 5 of Hagye Station
  • Directions to the West Entrance Direction (Observatory, Arts Center)
    – 40m from Exit 2 (on the right-hand side after crossing the crosswalk) and 70m from Exit 3 of Mia Samgeori Station (Line 4)
For directions go to Seoul Map for Kids and Families
For more information go to Dream forest (in Korean)
Seoul Dream Forest PlaygroundSeoul Dream Forest ObservatorySeoul Dream Forest recreation park

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