Olympic Park

A green oasis nested in Gangnam, Seoul with plenty to offer for kids and grown-ups: picnic lawns, small hills with impressive views over the city, ponds, running and walking trails

Olympic Park Persimmon tree in AutumnThe first time we had visited the Olympic Park, I had been impressed by the number of gymnasiums, the Olympic Hall and all the Olympic facility structures but I had not realized there was also a huge natural green area.

During our second visit we decided to explore the green part of the park and we realy loved it. Olympic Park Seoul in fall

There are 5 different Lanes used for strolling or jogging in the Olympic Park – the Lakeside Lane, Fortress Lane, Memory Lane, Lovers’ Lane and Youth Lane.
The Fortress Lane is the families’ favorite especially for its excellent view of the historic relics from the Baekje Dynasty and the wide grass areas, even though the panting hill makes it a little bit difficult. The Memory Lane which forms two circles around Mongchon Fortress is the best course for quiet thinking and strolling in late fall. The Youth Lane  is widely used as part of a marathon or other running events. It allows an unobstructed view of the outer ring of the Olympic Park.Olympic Park Seoul viewsOlympic Park nature

The Olympic Park is a great place to spend a half-day with your family. It’s beautiful in every season of the year and the views of the city are just amazing.

Olympic Park Seoul map

How to get there

Public transportation – Subway (line No. 5 and Line No. 8)
Chamsil Stn
(line No. 2)
Seat buses 64
Public buses 21, 212, 300, 568, 569, 813, 813-1, 30-1, 16, 16-1, 70
Jamsillaru Stn
(line No. 2)
Seat buses 64
Public buses 21, 212, 300, 568, 569, 813, 30-1, 16, 16-1, 70
Olympic Park
(line No. 5)
Seat buses 41
Public buses 21-2, 21-3, 571, 522, 30-5, 418
Mongchon Tosong
(line No. 8)
Public buses 21-2, 21-3, 21-5, 30, 30-5
 Public transportation
Olympic Center Seat buses 64, 933
Buses 21, 212, 300, 555-2, 568, 569, 813, 813-1, 813-2, 30, 30-1, 30-2, 30-3, 17-2, 16,16-1, 70
South Gate #4 Buses 21-2, 21-3, 21-5, 30, 30-5
South Gate #2 Seat buses 41
Buses 21-2, 21-3, 21-5, 30, 30-5
East Gate #2 Buses 21-2, 21-3, 21-5, 571, 522, 30-5, 418
North Gate #2 Buses 522, 212

Huge parking lot is situated at the East gate entrance #2

For more information go to Olympic Park website

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