Yangjae Citizens Forest

Yangjae Citizens’ Forest has been opened in 1986 and at this time before the opening of the Seoul Forest, became the largest man-made forest in Seoul. Yangjae Citizens’ Forest is located in the southern part of Seocho-gu and is well stocked with 10,000 trees of 45 species such as pine, zelkova, metasequoia, maple and ash trees giving off fresh oxygen to the air and providing cool shade. Meanwhile, 52,000 shrubs and small trees of 15 species, such as rhododendron, azalea, winged euonymus, beauty berry and rose vines fill the forest with different colors and scents in every season.

There are many things to do in the forest. You can just relax while walking along the trail, you can refresh your mind and body by walking in the barefoot park on the wooden trail, pebbles and red clay trail, or you can just have a family picnic in the shadow of the trees.

There is also a lovely playground, the water fountain and small man-made stream in the middle of the forest. From the beginning of spring with its warm sunshine through the end of hot summer, you can see children playing with water on fine days.

An outdoor swimming pool located between Yeongdongyo of Yangjaecheon and Yangjae Citizens’ Forest has become a haven for children during hot and humid summer.


Take exit no. 7 from Yangjae Station on subway line no. 3 -> Take a taxi (less than ten minutes) or take a bus headed toward Seongnam and get off at “Shiminae Sup.”
Address: 236 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Small parking lot available at the eastern entrance.

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