Anseong Farmland

Wonderful farm experience 70 kilometers south of Seoul. Kids will enjoy animal feeding, horse riding and other nature-friendly activities

Inspired by the recent article in Korea Times, we decided to visit Anseong Farmland for its relative proximity from Seoul downtown. While approaching the farm, we were truly amazed by the nice hilly landscape where the farm is located. But our biggest surprise was upon reaching the parking lot, when we discovered colorful half-timbered houses copying countryside European villages as well American old barns. Were we still in South Korea or transported for a few hours back to Grand Ma’s times?

The farmland is a beautiful and incredibly clean area settled in a very natural environment. The entire park is really huge with many different options of tours or walks. As a result even  during week-ends peak times, you shouldn’t feel the area to be overly crowded.

Anseong Farmland is divided into 5 different parts:

  • Moomoo Ville – where you can spend hours and hours watching, touching and feeding all the farm animals. Most animals are moving freely in the area and the kids just love to run after the little goats and sheep while feeding them.

  • Miru Hill – is a vast grassland where you can just walk and enjoy the beauty of the landscape while horses and sheep might come at your encounter anytime.

  • Deutsche Ville – is the Landmark of Farmland with its typical german style half-timbered architecture. A couple of restaurants are available there including a semi-authentic “Gasthof” serving brewed draught beer to quench your thirst as well as kids menu options.

  • Horse Ville – is the place to let your little ones ride a real full-size horse. Don’t forget also to buy some carrots at the information desk to feed the horses in the stables.
  • Food Ville – is the area where you can find all kinds of food and refreshments. There is also a shop selling farms and organic products and a nice fountain where the kids can jump in during the hot summer days.

To spend a day in this beautiful farm feels like one of the most restful and natural break from the city. I’m sure you’ll love it too!
Opening Hours:
10:00 -18:00
Closed Every Monday
Tickets (valid as of July 2013):
  • Admission: 8,000 Child / 10,000 Adult
  • Tractor carriage: 4,000 Child / 5,000 Adult
  • Horse riding: 10,000 won
  • Farm 2 pass (admission+tractor): 10,000 Child / 13,000 Adult
  • Land 2 pass (admission+horse riding): 16,000 Child / 18,000 Adult
  • Land 3 pass (admission+tractor+horse riding): 19,000 Child / 22,000 Adult

How to get there:


From Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Nambu Bus Terminal take an intercity bus bound for Anseong and then take a taxi to Anseong Farmland (안성팜랜드)


Take the Highway 1 direction Busan. Take the Anseong Exit and follow the route 38 direction to Anseong city. At the first intersection just under the highway 40 take right and follow the sign for Anseong Farmland.

For more information go to Anseong Farmland (Korean only)

10 thoughts on “Anseong Farmland

  1. Such a great information you have here.
    I’m planning to visit Seoul in January.
    Is the farm operate in Winter?

  2. Hello. Thanks for your detailed information. May i know how much approximately will the taxi fare be from Anseong to the farmland? And how long does the whole travelling journey take from Nambu Bus Terminal to Anseong farmland?

    Also, are the horse-rides available for adults?

    Thank you so much in advance for your reply.

    1. Hello,
      The traveling journey will be around 1h and 15 minutes. I don’t know the exact taxi fare but the distance is around 60 kilometers. As I remember the horse rides are also available for adults. Have a nice trip to Anseong Farmland.

      1. Hello, I’m niena from Malaysia. We would like to visit anseong farmland, so can you please give the full address of this farm.thank you.

  3. Thank you so much. we will be visiting Anseong Farmland next there any procedure or early booking that we need to do?

  4. Hello, we are a farm magazine publishing company and have also been conducting international farm study tours; now we have a group of 15- 20 persons from Australia, hoping to visit and exchange with Anseong Farmland, is it possible for the arrangement?

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