Baedagol Theme Park

Baedagol Theme Park in Goyang area, a kids-friendly animal experience with thematic Korean traditions and some extras too. Easily reachable from Seoul downtown

Baedagol Theme Park Korea

Yesterday, while visiting the Goyang area, by pure chance we came across the Baedagol Theme Park. And what a surprise to find this perfect place lost in the middle of the farms where your kids can watch the rabbits, hen, sheep, ponies, dogs, pigs, doves, donkey and peacocks. All the park is well maintained and very colorful proposing many different and funny activities and experiences for your kids.

korean totem Baedagol

Apart from the little animals corner, there are two huge green houses – one with exotic plants and the other one full of pools with colored carps. You will receive a small bag of fish food at the entrance and it’s really lots of fun to feed the hungry carps who come literally to pick the food from your hands.

Baedagol Theme Park Korea fishIn the central area there are a restaurant and a beautiful folk museum presenting the life and the culture of our ancestors.Baedagol Theme Park Korea - folk museum

Just behind the museum, you’ll find a huge garden of kimchi jars lined with an amazing collection of funny and all colorful Jangseung (Korean totem poles). Then you can follow the little stream decorated with beautiful wooden jumping fish and stop by one of the soccer fields to kick the ball.

There is also a big outdoor pool, used for ice-skating and traditional Korean sledding in winter, and for swimming in summer (from early June to late August).

For an extra little fee, your children can make carp necklaces or paint the wooden carp in one of the adjacent pavilions.

Baedagol Theme Park KoreaDon’t forget to check the penguins and sea lions in the small pavilion right after the entrance. We’ve been lucky enough to see them practicing for the show to the delight of our two little preschoolers.

Opening hours :

November – March: 10 am – 6 pm

April – October : 10 am – 7 pm

Entrance fee :

Adult – 6,000 won

Children – 5,000 won

How to get there :


From Hwajeong Stn (Subway line #3) Exit 1, take the local bus 20 or 21 direction of Youngheung villa. Get off at Youngheung villa and follow the direction of Donedong for 100 m, when you arrive to the stream stay on the left side of the stream without crossing and continue for 700 m.


From downtown Seoul take the Gangbyeon Expressway westbound past the Worldcup Park.Take off the Expressway at Bongno Jonction, continue straight on direction of Gangmae Stn. and turn left after Seojeong Elementary School. Then follow the brown sign with Baedagol Theme Park.Baedagol Theme Park map

For more information go to Baedagol websiteBaedagol Theme Park Korea animals

2 thoughts on “Baedagol Theme Park

  1. We were there yesterday. It is a nice place, although I really did not like the uncomfortable cages in which the animals were taken. In particular the short chain of the monkey… that was really terrible. But besides that it is really a nice place, and the different types of carps are great. It was also the first time that I tried this “skin therapy” with the fishes, that was really fun. Overall one very nice place in Seoul where to go and stay immersed in nature with the kids.

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